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Viddy: A New Way to Share Videos

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September 4, 2012

Viddy is a relatively new social network that allows mobile users to capture, beautify, and share 15-second video clips.  It’s frequently called the “Twitter” of videos because of the short time limit placed on each video.

With a growth pattern somewhat akin to Pinterest, Viddy has quickly garnered 38 million users since its launch just 16 months ago.  It has become popular even among celebrities by giving users the ability to capture key moments of their life, instantly produce those memories into a beautiful video, and share it with their key friends and family.  As Viddy states, they’ve “imagined a better way to experience mobile videos.”

Some of the features Viddy offers include:

  • The ability to instantly create visually appealing video clips using built-in cinematic production packs.
  • A sharing feature for social networks, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
  • The option to receive meaningful feedback on videos from friends, family and more.
  • The ability to discover and explore community videos in realtime.
  • An endless source of inspiration, creativity, and personal style.

So how does Viddy work?  Users simply set up an account, and connect with their friends via Facebook, Twitter, or contacts stored in their phone.   They can then shoot short video segments, known as “viddys,” and upload them from their iPhones or other mobile devices to share with their followers.   Users can trim the video clips as needed using a film strip timeline at the top of the screen.

Special effects can be added to video clips by using “production packages,” which are similar to Instagram’s color treatment filters, except it uses music and transitions.  A slide bar allows users to determine how much the film is treated.  Once the production package is chosen, a title, location, and tags can be added before sharing the video on social media accounts.

Businesses of all sizes are finding ways to use Viddy.  Here are some of the top ways to take advantage of what Viddy has to offer:

Share Sales and Promo Codes – One way to generate more engagement and increase the likelihood of generating income is to hold an exclusive Viddy sale.   By offering their community or current customers a special discount, brands have been able to increase their sales.

Share Events – Many bloggers and online businesses attend events and blog about the event to their readers.  With Viddy, attendees can capture snippets of the event and share with their followers while in attendance.

Share Quick Tips and How To’s – With little time commitment and low-cost, users can share quick tips with their audience, bringing to life the written content.  Video is also a very effective way to drive value.

Host a Contest or Giveaway – Contests have proven to be very successful to bloggers and businesses alike, with the ability to grow audiences and communities.  Viddy is an ideal platform to host a contest because users need only to perform a simple action such as liking, commenting, or uploading their own 15-second Viddy in response.  Participation can also be tied to interactions via Twitter or other social media platforms.

What are your thoughts? Are you using Viddy for your blog or business? What value do you think it has for social moms?

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