Trying for a Baby? Consider a Procreation Vacation

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June 17, 2021

The decision to try for a baby can be really exciting but it can also be stressful. Couples who want a child may hope it happens right away but, sometimes, it can take a while. If you’re also juggling the demands of a busy work/life schedule and possibly other children, it can seem like making a baby is just another thing on the to-do list. Those aren’t exactly the ideal conditions for creating a new life.

For this reason, the idea of planning a getaway during that special time is becoming more and more popular. Some people call it a Procreation Vacation, others call it a Conception Moon and, already, there are packages available with those specific needs in mind. Here are some things to consider when planning a baby-making trip.

Pick a Happy Place

People automatically assume that, in order for a procreation vacation destination to be right for conception, it has to be someplace romantic or tropical. Really, the goal is for the prospective parents to be as relaxed as possible. You don’t have to go very far from home as long as you will be in a place where you can feel happy and carefree.

Get Pampered

This is a great opportunity to allow yourselves to enjoy luxuries that may otherwise seem frivolous. Indulge in the offerings at a local spa (or in the hotel, if they have one).  Have a couples massage, try some reflexology (some pressure points are believed to improve fertility), get a facial, manicure or pedicure. Whatever helps you feel more serene and healthy is a good thing!

Turn Off Technology

Make an agreement ahead of time about when and how you will access technology. Of course, if you have children or family at home that need to stay in touch, you will need a cell phone but create some iron-clad rules and stick to them. There’s nothing romantic or relaxing about trying to connect with your partner while they scan social media or send texts on their phone. Everything will be there when you get back. Just take this time to focus on each other.

Eat Well

You might be on vacation and it’s okay to indulge a little but try to keep your diet as healthy as possible during this extremely important time. Both hopeful mothers and fathers should curb caffeine cravings, avoid alcohol and quit smoking. Some research also indicates that pesticides can have a negative affect on female and male fertility. Pick organic fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean meats to keep your body primed for pregnancy.

Creating a new life can be one of the most significant and emotional experiences that a couple can share. Try not to put too much pressure on yourselves (or each other) and just enjoy your time together.

What are your tips for a procreation vacation? Share in the comments below!

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