Fully Automated: Top Tools For Automating Social Media

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March 29, 2012

Whether you’re blogging for fun, as a part-time side income, or as a full-time business – participating in social media can boost your efforts by helping more of your ideal readers find you. Unfortunately, many bloggers fear that using social media for marketing will consume too much of their time.

Though there is some truth to the fear that social media can become very time-consuming if not properly managed … THERE IS AN EASIER WAY:

There are many options and strategies that can be incorporated to minimize the time involved. By consolidating and automating your social media strategy, you can save time while creating a compelling social media campaign for your blog. To help you get started, here are the top tools for automating your social media:

Hootsuite – this social media dashboard allows users to manage and measure their social media networks. With this platform, you can manage multiple social profiles, schedule tweets and messages, analyze traffic, and post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Ping.fm, MySpace, Foursquare, and more with just one entry.

SocialOomph – this service provides both paid and free social media productivity tools.  SocialOomph allows you to schedule tweets and posts, save and reuse drafts, upload tweets and posts in bulk, track keywords, reply to @mentions, and much more.

TweetDeck – this app can provide greater flexibility for users. Using the app, you are able to schedule tweets and posts, arrange your feeds, monitor and manage an unlimited number of accounts, receive notification alerts for new Tweets, and filter information to focus more on what matters most.

MarketMeSuite – this recently updated platform offers features such as a social inbox to better interact with followers, ability to add multiple profiles, scheduled updates, smart following and unfollowing, Facebook and LinkedIn integration, location targeting, Klout Score integration, and more.

SproutSocial – this web application integrates with Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare and other networks. Its features include integrating all important feeds, across all platforms, into one inbox; keyword, profile and geo search tools; scheduling and posting tools;  and detailed reports to help in analyzing your efforts.

These tools represent a small sample of the ways you can automate your social media. The key is to find the ideal tool that works best in your situation (which may involve trying out several and testing them) and implement it.

Which automation tool do you use to manage your social media profiles?

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