Get Social: Top 10 Social Media Resources for Do-it-Yourselfers

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July 23, 2013

You’ve learned how to do so many things on your own.

Perhaps you researched and discovered how to set up your own blog. Maybe you learned how to create your own graphics and designs. Some of you may have become sought-after writers by watching and learning from others.

So why not do the same with social media marketing?

You can network like the best of them. All you need are a few advanced tips and techniques on growing your Facebook Likes, getting more engagement, and driving traffic to your sites, just to name a few.

You are a true do-it-yourselfer. “Just give me the resources and tools, and I’ll make it happen,” you say.

If you fit in this category of those unafraid to try things on their own, and if you want to improve your social media marketing, then here are ten of the top social media resource sites. Each will give you the knowledge you need to build a rockin’ social community.

Top 10 Social Media Resource Sites

10. Jeff Bullas.com – Jeff Bullas writes about everything related to social media and online marketing. He helps individuals improve their skills in blogging, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and SEO.

9. Social Fresh – This site offers advanced social media training resources with the goal of creating better marketing. Offering live in-person events, online training, and articles on their blog, Social Fresh seeks to inspire their audience to create effective social media marketing campaigns.

8. Pushing Social – This relentlessly optimistic site offers practical blogging tips and resources. It “exists to help people like you harness their personal and business power and voice to change their world.”

7. Amy Porterfield – Former marketing guru for Harley Davidson and Tony Robbins, Amy is a social media strategist and co-author of Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies. Her blog is loaded with actionable tips and strategies, and she offers periodic content-packed webinars and courses.

6. Social Mouths – Delivers free advice on what it takes to be successful in blogging, social media, web traffic, content marketing, and email marketing. Be prepared for some straight talk, but the site is full of massive value.

5. Daily Blog Tips – This fast-paced blog delivers articles on social media, blog design, SEO, promotion and monetization. Covering an array of topics, the author promises to share the knowledge he has gained in business.

4. Kikolani – This site publishes a wide range of tips and strategies. It covers blog marketing and writing tips for personal, professional, and business bloggers to help them succeed in social media marketing.

3. Mashable Social Media – This tech blog covers several different areas of information, including all things social media. Offering daily tips and strategies on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and more, this site covers all of the “hot topics” of the day.

2. Hubspot Blog – Hubspot is a leader in inbound marketing and offers its readers free tips and strategies in their blog, as well as valuable content in their numerous ebooks and webinars.

1. Social Media Examiner – Known as the world’s largest online social media magazine, Social Media Examiner helps businesses, and individuals, navigate the constantly changing social media jungle. It contains extensive articles on social media tools and how best to use them, as well as case studies, industry research and advice from leading experts.

So for all of you do-it-yourself enthusiasts, now you have your top ten resources for some of the best information regarding social media marketing.

Your turn: what social media sites do you frequently visit for tips and strategies?

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