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Tia Mowry Dishes on Pregnancy, Babies, and Joys of Motherhood #ohbaby

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May 7, 2012

A generation of women grew up watching Tia Mowry on Sister, Sister.  Like a best friend, Tia always told it like it was with hilarity and compassion.  Now those same fans (and new ones too) can enjoy her hilarious advice on a new topic: motherhood.

In Oh, Baby! (on sale now) Tia shares everything about being pregnant, being a working mom, and her relationship with her husband. She talks about her personal experience with cravings (she couldn’t have done it without sourdough bread and Funyuns); maternity clothes (Tia prefers black, with sequins); and panty liners (memorize that aisle at the drugstore).

Tia also includes tips for morning sickness, pregnancy fears, and even shares the Q&A sessions she had her with her own ob-gyn.

If any of the following sound familiar to you, definitely snag a copy of Tia’s new book, Oh, Baby!:

  • “I know the old wive’s tale about pickles and ice cream.  Frankly that never appealed to me.  But Thai food at 2 a.m.? Now you’re talking.”
  • “Sometimes we stand over his crib watching his chest rise and fall as he sleeps.  We applaud when he poops and cheer if he douses us with spit up.”
  • “I know there are some women who look incredibly beautiful when they’re pregnant and glow from head to toe…At best, I manage to stifle a thunderous burp when I am eating in public and make it to the ladies’ room before I hurl.”

To learn more visit Tia’s website or purchase the book today on

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