The Truths of Parenting: Told in 6 Songs

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February 10, 2015

The video from yesterday’s End the War: We’re All Moms reminded me of all the hysterical parenting videos I’ve seen through the years. So, I went looking through YouTube for those parents who felt just like me and found these laugh-worthy musical gems.

Overstressed Mom Epic Rap

“Sleep deprived and under house arrest, think I’d sell both kidneys just to get some rest.”

Although this is a Fiat commercial from the UK, it might be my favorite commercial ever. She’s pretty frank about life after kids.

I’m So Pregnant

“Still swollen cankles, can’t wait, got the whole world askin’ when’s my due date…”

Anyone who’s been pregnant can identify with this song! From reflux and people touching you  – to elastic waists and stretch marks – it’s brutal.


Daddy Skills

“Barrette clipped in tight. No pigtails? Man, those are Daddy Kryptonite!”

In this video an old friend comes to visit a father. If you don’t mind the “D word,” it will make you smile.”


“You’re dying for sleep instead of potty-training tonight…”

It’s not just potty-training, parenthood almost guarantees you’ll go without sleep at some point and become a “Mombie.”

I Just Need Some Space

“So excuse me, I’m going pee, so just move along…”

This song pretty much sums up my feelings this week. Just give me a minute without someone touching me!

Parenting Songs

“I’m not gonna’ buy you an iphone, ‘cause you asked for it, like you need one, you don’t… you’re wasting all your time, here’s a dime, if you find a pay phone, but no iphone today…”

This is a clip of Tim Hawkins, a comedian, using popular songs to communicate with his older kids.


Happy Parenting! We are all in it together!

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