The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water Coming to Theaters Today!

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February 6, 2015

SpongeBob SquarePants, the world’s favorite sea dwelling invertebrate, comes ashore to our world for his most super-heroic adventure yet.

I was so excited to learn that Paramount Animation and Nickelodeon Movies were coming together to bring us a new SpongeBob film! The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water is an all new 3D adventure that features SpongeBob SquarePants and his friends as they make an appearance, for the very first time, in the human world. My family can’t wait to see this film. The trailers look hilarious and we’re all excited to see these three dimensional versions of the characters for the first time!

So what can you expect? Life in Bikini Bottom couldn’t be better for SpongeBob (Tom Kenny) and his friends: loyal starfish Patrick (Bill Fagerbakke), the sardonic Squidward (Rodger Bumpass), scientist squirrel Sandy (Carolyn Lawrence) and crustacean capitalist, Mr. Krabs (Clancy Brown). When the top secret recipe for Krabby Patties is stolen, eternal adversaries SpongeBob and Plankton (Mr. Lawrence) must join forces on a trip through time and space to harness their internal superpowers and battle fiendish pirate Burger Beard (Antonio Banderas) with his own plans for the delicious delicacies.

Director Paul Tibbitt says, “It’s everything you want in a movie.  We’ve taken familiar characters and pushed them in completely new directions – it’s a road movie, a superhero movie, and a post-apocalypse movie, and it’s all in 3-D!”

Tom Kenny, the voice for SpongeBob reveals that everything is a little bigger and better this time around. “But it isn’t a reboot; it’s not ‘SpongeBob Begins.’  We aren’t going to tone down the silliness and get back to SpongeBob’s gritty, butt-kicking roots. If anything, we’ve only gotten sillier.”

Gritty? Sillier? Count us in! Our family will definitely be watching SpongeBob on opening day. Pick up your tickets today, and even enjoy a free small popcorn while watching the film. SpongeBob supported positivity with The Day of Positivity on January 5th and fans can still support positivity. Just visit the site to print your coupon for junior popcorn.

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