The Office in Summer: 5 Survival Tips

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June 4, 2013

When we were kids, the we looked forward to summer for a multitude of reasons … but mostly because school was out, there was no schedule and we could enjoy those warm days and nights at our own leisurely pace.

Unfortunately as adults, unless you’re a schoolteacher or have some other good fortune, your work schedule will not change during the summer. It can be depressing to be stuck inside all day when so much life is going on just outside your window. Here are just a few tips that might make the summer months a little more bearable.

Summer Hours

Some companies offer modified hours during the summer.  Find out if they are willing to be more flexible with your shift and, if this is not a current offering, consider suggesting it if you feel comfortable with management.

Lunch Outside

Even though it’s not quite the same as lounging by the pool, getting outside for a few minutes each day can be very beneficial.  Fresh air and a little Vitamin D boost from the sun can do wonders for your mood and mental clarity.  If your workplace has an outdoor eating area, consider spending some (or all) of your lunch breaks away from the office.  A midday walk can is also a good idea.  If you only have a 30 minute break, ask your manager if you can come in a half hour earlier to extend it to an hour.

Pack Fruits

One of the best parts of summer is the increased access to seasonal fruits and vegetables. It’s not quite the same as enjoying a picnic or cookout but try incorporating these summery foods into your daily lunches and snacks. Your taste buds deserve a summer vacation too!

Get Up Earlier

If you really can’t get out during the day, or feel like it just isn’t enough, try waking up a little earlier every morning. Go for a swim, take a walk or just sit on your porch and enjoy your coffee rather than rushing through a drive-thru. It doesn’t require a lot of extra effort but those few moments of calm before you start your day will feel absolutely luxurious.

Dress for the Season

There is something very freeing about summer clothing. The heavy fabrics and layers are gone and everything just feels so light and airy. Find out what the summer dress code is in your workplace and take advantage of whatever liberties you are afforded.

There isn’t much that most of us can do about needing to work during the summer but, with a little creativity, we can still make the most of those fun, warm months.

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