Terminators and Minions: July 2015 Movies

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July 1, 2015

July is a great time to head to the movie theater and get out of the summer heat and, fortunately, this year there are some great titles being released. In fact, it doesn’t always work out this way but there’s a decent selection for moviegoers looking for options in almost every major genre!

If you are looking for a great family flick, you just have to hold out till July 10th because the highly anticipated Minions movie is hitting the big screen! It will be interesting to see how they fare outside of the Despicable Me franchise but it’s very likely that this will be a popular selection among kids of all ages.

There are also some great action (Mission Impossible), sci-fi (Terminator: Genisys), horror (The Gallows), comedy (Vacation) and superhero (Ant-Man) titles on tap so, really, you could end up spending a lot of time (and money) at the box-office this month!

Wednesday, July 1

  • Terminator: Genisys – In this latest installment in the series, human resistance leader, John Connor (Jason Clarke), sends Sgt. Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney) back to 1984 to protect Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke) in an attempt to protect the future. Unfortunately, the time traveling doesn’t go as planned and Reese must navigate through a slightly different version of the past while trying to reset the future.
  • Magic Mike XXL – The storyline picks up three years after the end of the first film and follows the life of Mike who, at the peak of his stripping career, chose to leave the game. When he finds some of his former coworkers who, like him, want to end their stripping career, the group decides to put on one last legendary performance in Myrtle Beach.

Friday, July 10

  • Minions – After the success of Despicable Me, minions, Stuart, Kevin and Bob, have earned their own movie. At the request of their new master, they must travel back to the dawn of time and evolve through the ages while accidentally killing so many of the despicable masters they serve along the way (T. Rex and Napoleon, for example). Now, without someone to serve, the minions grow depressed until Kevin hatches a plan to find a new evil boss.
  • The Gallows – Students at a small town high school attempt to put on a stage production only to have it end in a tragic accident. Twenty years later, a new group attempts to resurrect the failed show as a tribute to the incident but they soon find out that some things need to be left alone.

Friday, July 17

  • Ant-Man – Scott Lang is a con man with an incredible talent – he can shrink to the size of an ant while increasing his strength. After devoting his life to doing the wrong things, he must embrace his inner hero to help his mentor protect his spectacular secret from a looming threat.
  • Trainwreck – Magazine writer, Amy, was told at a young age that monogamy isn’t realistic by her philandering father. After years of believing this, she finds herself falling for someone and reevaluating everything she’s been told about love.

Friday, July 24

  • Pixels – A group of gaming experts are approached by the government in hopes that they can somehow help them stave off an incoming threat. The plot is an adaptation of Patrick Jean’s short film, which depicted popular ’80s videogame characters attacking New York City.
  • The Vatican Tapes – When Angela Holmes ends up in the ER after cutting her finger, an infection brings about erratic behavior that brings to destruction to everything and everyone around her. After priests are brought in to perform an exorcism, they discover that they are dealing with a force far more ancient and evil than they ever expected.
  • Paper Towns – The author of The Fault in Our Stars brings us another coming-of-age story that will surely capture the hearts of audiences. When Quentin’s enigmatic neighbor, Margo, disappears, he must decipher the cryptic clues she has left behind. If he has any chance of finding her, he must embark on a journey that could end in true love.

Wednesday, July 29

  • Vacation – The Griswold children are all grown up and ready to embark on vacations of their own. When Rusty decides to surprise his wife and two sons with the road trip of a lifetime, he quickly realizes how easy it is for things to go wrong.

Friday, July 31

  • Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation – Despite being disbanded by the CIA chief, Ethan Hunt’s Impossible Mission Force (IMF) find a way to regroup to take on a mysterious foe known as “The Syndicate.”

Will you be taking in any action movies this summer or, with the kids on break, will you be sticking to family-friendly flicks?

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