November 8, 2011

Bloggers already know how powerful Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are for sharing their blog content and attracting readers. But there are many other less publicized social networking sites that offer great resources for bloggers as well. From providing versatile platforms to build your blog’s following, to cataloging your blog content, the following social networking sites are great tools for bloggers:

Tumblr – this social networking site gives users the ability to effortlessly share content with millions of other users. Tumblr makes it easy to share text, links, photos, quotes, videos, and music all from your browser, desktop, phone, or email. It even allows you to open up your blog to questions and answers, giving you the ability to further engage your blog readers. Blog posts on this site can be integrated with Facebook and Twitter.

Blogsterthis online community for bloggers gives its users the ability to share interests and activities with other like-minded individuals. It features specific-interest blogs, and combines blogging with social networking. Bloggers use this site to write about favorite topics, share links, videos and photos, and to connect with others.

BlogCatalogthis online social blog directory allows users to promote their blogs, find other ones of interest, and connect with other writers. You can submit your blog for inclusion on the site and automatically share newly written posts with this community. With featured popular topics on entertainment, fashion, pets, sports, movies, relationships and food, you are sure to find an area that fits your blog’s theme and your personal interests.  

Technoratithis internet search engine allows users to list their blog and find other blogs that match their interests. Technorati further assists bloggers by providing full media services, and by connecting you with advertisers who are interested in joining the conversation. Blog owners using Technorati are able to monitor what others are posting about their brand and engage with them by commenting.

Ningif you are looking for ways to further engage your readers, then this online platform offers a viable solution. With this platform, you can build a community for your readers with a customized appearance and feel. This site even allows users to monetize by charging for membership and by displaying ads within their site using services such as Google AdSense. Ning also integrates well with Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Yahoo.

This list represents just a sample of the many great social networking sites. By researching online, you are sure to find the sites that fit your blogging needs.  Which social networking sites have you found to be good for bloggers?