December 29, 2011

Can you believe that it’s almost time for New Year’s Eve for 2012? Where did the time go? I swear it seems like just yesterday we were preparing for Y2K. Technology did not explode at that time, and now 11 years later we are quite a bit more emerged than ever before. In 2000 were no iPhones, Pandora, Netflix and other things to keep us entertained.

With the exception of the past couple of years, I am usually a home body on New Year’s Eve. I love to attend house parties thrown by friends, or I throw one myself.  You have probably noticed a change in the way your favorite party DJ works. They no longer show up with several carts of heavy equipment and LPs. Instead, they;ve gone digital. Chances are they show up with a laptop and an external hard drive.

When throwing a party, you want to keep your guests entertained. The great thing about all this technology is that you can use it to your advantage when it comes time to party. You do not have to be a famous DJ to wow your friends with your DJ talents. Here are a few tech tips that you can use to make your New Year’s Eve Party a rocking success:

  1. Create an iTunes playlist: If you use iTunes, setup a playlist of your favorite tunes and then connect your laptop to your stereo via an audio cable.
  2. Stream Music via Pandora: Setting up a themed Pandora station is super easy. And if you are a step above your laptop you just might have a TV, Blu-ray player, or media player box that can easily stream Pandora direct to your stereo.
  3. Use Spotify: Spotify is the cool new service that not only lets you see what your friends are listening to, it lets you access their shared playlists. This is an awesome way to invite friends to create playlists for the party.
  4. Access your collection via Google Music: Google Music is a fairly new service from Google, but the possibilities are endless. You can upload up to 20,000 songs. These songs are kept in the cloud. So, once uploaded these songs can be accessed from any other computer, your Android phone, or your iPhone. I’m sure Google will soon make it available on other devices as well.
  5. Dock your iPhone: There are several party worthy docks out there that allow you to dock your iPhone and hook it into your stereo. Or, find one that is full of sound and party ready itself like the Sonos system. Once docked you can take advantage of apps that access the services mentioned above to stream music.

These are just a few of the ways that you can stream music to entertain your guests. There are several other options like storing your library on a NAS (Network Attached Storage Device) somewhere in your home that you can access from other Network devices like your Sony PS3, or compatible televisions and Blu-ray players. When my home was built in 2006, not only did I have it wired for the internet, I also got whole house audio. So when I choose to I can fill my whole house with music! It’s awesome for a party, and wows all of my friends.

What are some of your favorite ways to manage and share your music?