May 23, 2012

I don’t know about you, but being a mom means I’m pretty much busy from dawn til dusk … and often beyond! Whether it’s carpooling my kids to school or afternoon activities, helping them out with class projects, or trying to get my own work finished on time – I need to be accessible and use my time effectively.

Which is why I couldn’t live without my smart phone. I’ll admit, it took me a while to get one. Why would I want the ability to check my email at Disneyland? But now, if I can sneak in a bit of work while standing in line for groceries, that ultimately gives me extra minutes to spend quality time with my kids.

That’s why I was excited to learn about the LG Viper and its fabulous apps!  Right now ‘Life’s Good Fairytales’ App (exclusive to Viper through May 25, 2012) and Google Wallet come free with purchase of the phone.

The fairytale app creates a story book that pulls in photos of your children and your voice. So cute!

Google Wallet™ makes your phone your wallet using NFC (Near-Field-Communication) allowing you to just tap your phone at retailers to pay.

Other SocialMoms share how important the smartphone is to their productivity:

  • Scraps of My Geek Life admits she never leaves her house without her phone. “How many times, before you were a parent, did you swear that you would NEVER let your kids leave the house with hair all knotted & frizzy, a dirty face and filthy clothes? Now that you have kids, you are happy if they are wearing clothes when you leave the house. My kids may be unkempt, but the one thing I NEVER leave my house without is my smartphone.”
  • Modern Style Mama says time is valuable and a smart phone helps simplify your life. “As a mom blogger and mompreneur my life is very busy.  My time is very precious and valuable.  Staying connected to social media and the business world while also managing my time with my family at home, can be quite challenging at times … The 4G phone has so much to offer modern parents today.  It will simplify your life and help you balance a lifestyle in modern motherhood.”

We couldn’t agree more – so make sure you stop in and test out the LG Viper, and give Google Wallet™ a go today!

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