March 15, 2012

St. Patrick’s Day is on Saturday, March 17th. There will be parties, parades, and plenty of people dressed in green to support the day. But how about dressing up your tech? If you’re working, attending a conference, trade show or otherwise you can show off your Irish pride with some green technology.

1. Speck Products See Thru Hard Shell Case for MacBook Pro 13-Inch

If you spend an arm and a leg on a Macbook (and you will) you want to protect it. These Hard Shell Cases are excellent. I love the way it wraps around the laptop without bulking it up. And of course the color is cool too. It will cost around $40.

2. KHOMO Dual Case: Green Polyurethane Smart Cover FRONT + GreenPoly-carbonate BACK Protector for Apple iPad

I love this smart case. If you are a fan of the Smart Covers for iPad 2, but miss not having the back of your iPad protected – this will take care of both. This Dual case includes a smart cover and a plastic case to protect the back of your iPad.

3. CaseCrown Metallic Glider Case for Apple iPhone 4 and 4S

I like the fact that this case is metallic. It’s not just green. It’s green and shiny. The CaseCrown Glider Case for iPhone is made from durable polycarbonate that will protect your phone. It’s easy to install and protects from drops and falls.

4. Hermes Women’s Designer Briefcase Laptop Bag

Can you say LOVE? Wow. This is a beautiful bag and I’m just itching to buy it. This bag is made of embossed and smooth textured faux leather. Even not being real, it is beautiful. The only downside is that it’s meant for smaller computers. It suggests nothing larger than an 11 inch, although one reviewer seemed to squeeze her 13 inch laptop inside.

5. Creative D100 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

When traveling music is a must. And occasionally you may want to share that music with others. This stylish green speaker connects via Bluetooth to your devices, so that you can stream music wirelessly. It has a 10 meter range and works with a plug or batteries.

Are you planning to get decked out for St. Patrick’s Day? If so, what are your plans?