April 9, 2012

You have a URL, you have a site, now how to make the most of it? Building a brand is easier than you think. Your blog is the perfect platform to engage readers and build an audience. Here are the best tips to brand your blog successfully:

Find your Niche

Your blog should have a core focus. It’s okay to dabble in a few different directions, but make sure it revolves around your main topic. Write about what you love and what keeps you interested. Commit and make it personable. You don’t have to tell your life stories, but referencing to your own life in posts will help readers identify with you as a real person.


Keep your blog profile and design the same. Also make your screen names, profile pictures, and avatars as consistent as possible. If you are trying to promote your brand, you want others to remember and identify with you. It’s okay to have an alias or a screen name, for safety reasons.


Video blogging is the wave of the future. Even a short 2-minute vlog can be more enticing than another post. We are curious people by nature. It is nice to have a real live face and voice to go with your site. Even if you aren’t a videographer or have a nice video camera, you can use your laptop or cell phone to create fun videos.

Post Daily

Keep your content fresh and give your readers something daily. I don’t know about you, but I get a little disappointed when one of my favorite blogs last post was days ago. Give your readers some action by having pre-written posts scheduled daily. If I know I will be away from my computer or busy on a certain day, I will write up a post – even a short paragraph – about what we are doing that day. Post a picture or leave a nice heart warming quote. Anything worth reading to keep your blog updated.

Engage Your Readers

Ask questions in your posts. If you are telling a story, ask others to share theirs. Always leave your readers wanting to take the time to leave you a comment. Don’t be afraid to ask for comments in your posts. An engaging post will get your readers wanting to come back.

Advertise Your Blog

Trade buttons with other bloggers, especially those who are similar, but don’t fall in your exact niche. This is a great way to get new and fresh readers to see your blog. Add your url link in the signature of your emails. Have a fan page on Facebook and Google+. Guest post on another site. Ask other bloggers if you can write a guest post on their blog. Make sure to have an intriguing and interesting post that will make readers want to head over to your blog. Start out with your name and link to your site. This is great for backlinks.

A Great Readership

Build your readership by reaching out to others. Follow your favorite sites and let them know in comments that you are their fan and leave your site url. Don’t expect that they will follow you back, but if you put yourself out there you are opening up the opportunity. Give back to your readers in a way that fits your blogs niche. Giveaways are a big hit and allow you to get a bigger following, but remember if you gain a reader it is up to you to keep them.

Turn your brand into something successful. There are many more steps you can take to being a successful blog owner. If you want to have a site that holds power, go out there and make it happen.