One Tablet, A Different Use for Every Family Member

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December 26, 2011

Did you get a tablet for the holidays? Are all the family members clamoring to use it? A few years ago who could have imagined that tablets would find their way into the hands of just about every member of the family, young and old? But, since the first iPad was launched by Apple in 2010, followed by the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tab and a host of other options since, tablets have indeed captivated many of us both at work and at play, kids and adults alike.

Lifestyle and age group seems to dictate what makes tablets so desirable in each demographic.

Moms & Dads at Work

Professionals in various fields and locations – from the boardroom, classroom, and operating room, to U.S. military combat zones – have all embraced the tablet to do their work with greater ease, precision and convenience. Tablets are also in demand and highly desirable for traveling on business and are being used for everything from GPS mapping, to booking and confirming flights, rental cars, hotels, and restaurant reservations as well as to keep in touch with the office while away. Let’s not forget stay-at-home parents, either, who are using tablets to manage family budgets, create grocery lists and download coupons onscreen to take to the store when they shop. They even use these mobile devices to track all the kids’ hectic schedules.

Toddlers & Elementary School Children

Tablets are finding their way into children’s hands as well. Some kids have their own devices or use their parent’s tablets to learn and play. Children’s publishers proliferate like Oceanhouse Media, Inc. now offering more than 275 apps such as the classic Dr. Seuss books for iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch), Android and NOOK Color devices. Then there are brand new apps such as Smurf-O-Vision which creates a second screen experience on an iPad while youngsters watch The Smurfs Movie on Blu-Ray. There are even games like the family friendly DuoPop from Discovery Bay Games, the world’s first iPad game accessory with an entirely new type of peripheral that connects handheld poppers with buttons you push to play the game on the tablet’s screen with multiple players.

Older Kids & Students

The tablet’s allure has also grabbed the attention of more serious learners in middle school, high school, and college. Tablets are multiplying in classrooms, for both teachers and students. Particularly notable is that more and more students of every age use these devices to accomplish a wide range of essential tasks. From taking notes in class to downloading and reading textbooks, reviewing with other students, studying for tests, doing research for school projects via Wi-fi and communicating with their friends via Facebook updates, the functionality for students is mind boggling. Then, as they approach the higher education application process, students are tapping into the iPad apps for SAT preparation now available such as SAT Score Quest by The Princeton Review that’s downloadable from iTunes. Once, they arrive at college, students living away from home are using their tablets not only for school work and managing their social lives, but for keeping in touch with family and friends back home via email, including taking and sending digital photos to share the important moments they encounter.

What ways are the members of your own family leveraging tablet technology? Please leave a comment and share your own experiences.

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