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Surviving Summer As A Mom Blogger

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June 5, 2012

Summer is nearly here and not only does it mean hotter temperatures and fresh lemonade, but it also means the kiddos being home from school. Depending on how you look at it, those two months can be heaven with your kids, or a huge, messy chaos of angry mom, bored kids. As a blogging mom you have to think about how to balance time with your kids and keep your blog running smoothly, whether you work from home or even have a full-time job outside of the home.

So how can you keep your blog alive and vibrant without pulling out every single one of your hairs this summer?

1) Schedule Posts

The easiest way to not have to worry about your blog is to write and schedule posts ahead of time. Even if you have a life blog, or prefer to write spontaneously, you can still write articles ahead of time. You can write a post about a childhood memory, schedule a review about your favorite products, or write about some goals you have for the year. Those are all great ideas on blog posts that are not time sensitive and can be scheduled anytime during the month. Spend one night typing out posts, adding pictures, and scheduling your articles. One night of losing sleep with save you two months of not worrying about your content.

2) Ask For Guest Posts

Guest posting is as good as it gets to keep your blog ahead of the game during the summer months of needy children. Call for guest posts on your blog, email your favorite bloggers, and ask your friends. Make sure you have guidelines on the type of content you are looking for, as well as specific ways to format their posts, to make your job easier when it comes to publishing them on your blog.

3) Get On A New Schedule

You are probably going to have to create a summer schedule that is different from your school year schedule, especially if you have a full-time job. Arranging child care, summer camps, and help from your spouse and friends is a must. To find time to blog, you may find yourself waking up 30 minutes earlier in the day, or going to bed 30 minutes later just to get stuff done. That’s okay. As long as you aren’t pulling all-nighters every night and surviving on coffee all day because you woke up so early to write, you’ll be fine.

Set a time during the day when the kids work on writing a book, painting in the garage, or planning a lemonade stand, while you blog. Create 30 minutes to 1 hour of time in the day for your child to work on projects while you focus on your blog business as way to make sure you are both busy and productive.

4) Activities Galore

Sure your blog is important, but we all know your kids come first. Enrolling them in week-long camps, or day activities is a great way to keep their bodies and brains working so they don’t sit and watch you write all day. They want to get out and have fun too. Get some writing and blogging done while they are at day camp or visiting the grandparents. Activities are also great for you to take a break from blogging and attend that pottery class with your daughter, or do a scavenger hunt with all the kids at the park. The great thing about summer is all the fun stuff everyone else plans for kids.

5) Summer Is Great For Bloggers

The most important thing to remember is to have fun with your children. Summer is the perfect time for mom bloggers because not only do you get to have fun content about your children, but you can score amazing photos to go along with it. Mix up your blog for the summer, do more videos about your activities, and get down and dirty with your kids. Summer posts are great to look back on as your kids get older.

How are some ways you plan on surviving as a mom blogger throughout the summer? Is it easier to plan or harder to maintain?

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