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Spring Into Action – 5 Tips For Growing Your Direct Sales Business

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March 29, 2013

It’s the season of re-birth and new growth and it’s the perfect time to re-commit to your direct sales business and take actions to build it bigger. There are many ways to grow a business, both online and offline in your local town.

To start, here are 5 creative tips to get you thinking. Implement the ones that you haven’t tried, or the ones that can fit into your lifestyle.

1. Have a Spring Fling or Re-Launch Party

You can do this at your home, have a friend host it, or even work with a local business. You’ll need products, samples, catalogs and perhaps some gift baggies. Invite friends and colleagues to come over for a casual event, showcasing your company’s new products or new catalog. Offer a free gift for anyone who brings a friend and add an incentive by giving out a door prize/raffle for anyone who attends. You can also offer a sale on either the products on hand or you can offer a sale on orders you take. I recommend doing both actually, since people do like to be able to go home with a product. Instant satisfaction!

For your invitations, I like a three step process. Call your friend, send a postcard, and then follow-up by text or Facebook. Start off by calling your friends to invite them. Let them know it’s a casual event and they aren’t required to purchase anything. Encourage them to invite friends and that there will be prizes, food, and fun. Then send a postcard so they have a visual reminder at home. Include all the details, the date/time and location. The night before, get in touch again with a quick reminder.

2. Grow Your Business Online

It all starts with YOU, not the business. Lead with WHO you are and make solid connections. On Facebook , make 3-5 new friends a week by seeing who you have mutual friends with. I always send a brief message when I make a friend request and then, after accepted, I write again, either in a message or on their wall. The key is to truly make a connection, not just search for a business lead or customer. There are many wonderful people in the world that you will have a lot in common with. Find some and make new online friends. They will see your business at some point , and if interested, they will ask.

Don’t solicit, but DO grow your friend list consistently each month. You can also make a business or personal fan page (follow company and Facebook rules for this) and invite friends to join if they are interested in learning more about your line. Then visit other pages. Like them, and post with a quick link back to your page. Many times other companies will reciprocate with a like back. This drives more people to see your business and product line.

3. Market Locally

This mainly involves flyers, brochures and business cards. Have them on you, or in your car, at all times. Post at community bulletin boards and ask if you can leave catalogs in the lobby of your doctor, dance studio, salon, etc.  Have business cards with your picture on them, your website, and all pertinent company info. Hand them out when someone asks for your number (even if it’s a Mom for the carpool to soccer).

4. Join Pinterest

Or if you already have an account, create a special board specifically for your business. Pin images that you are allowed to use, pin your blog articles, pin tips for people on how a particular product works and add your website to the board description. Pinterest is creative marketing mania that is on fire! Pin at least 4-5 days a week and make sure to follow other pinners. The key, as with all social media marketing, is to get as many interested followers as you can and create that connection. Don’t just have business boards, though. Add your personality too. I can tell about someone instantly by looking at their  boards … whether they are an animal lover, an avid cook, a shoe junkie, or a crafter.  Let the true you shine through, so people want to follow you and see value in your pins.

5. Get to Company Events

Check if your company is holding an event near you and get registered. If that is not possible, at the very least, get back on every company and team phone call, webinar and training possible. Often we do that in the beginning, and then taper off, or forget completely. They are so important in keeping you motivated and well-connected and in the know about all company related events, growth and new products! So clear the schedule and set aside some “business  meeting time” where you can re-commit to taking major action and growing your direct sales business bigger than ever!

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