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SocialMoms Rewards Bloggers – and all Social Moms – With Unique Loyalty Program

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October 21, 2011

Emerging on a new platform, SocialMoms continues to listen to what you want, to expand to meet the evolving needs of our mom blogger members. Most exciting, we launched the industry’s first loyalty program that rewards bloggers for participating, and it invites all manner of “social moms” to get in on the action as well.

At its core, the goal of the new Social Moms community is supporting women who blog, providing the framework to connect with companies for sponsorship opportunities, build your personal brands online, and expand your audience. From networking with like-minded moms, to tapping content rich channels written by experts who blog like you, to utilizing a variety of other support services – you’ll find benefits that are just what you are looking for personal and professional growth.

The old SocialMoms was a single online destination. The new format now encompasses two side-by-side yet fully integrated sites: SocialMoms.com, where you’ll find content from our contributing writing staff and SocialMoms.net, the place for bloggers and social media influencers to engage in conversation.

SocialMoms.net provides the forum to find and connect with fellow bloggers as well as experts in specific areas you’re interested in. Here you’ll find 500+ groups, large and small, to join. The site also passes on sponsored brand opportunities and other ways for women to monetize their blogs through ads and other promotions.

As the industry’s first loyalty program, My SocialMoms Rewards get women on every level of the spectrum involved. There are many ways to earn points to be redeemed for gift cards and other incentives. For example, anyone with Facebook and/or Twitter can earn points by sharing articles read on the site. Other options to accumulate points include liking brands, writing for SocialMoms, and commenting on our articles, with new methods for earning rewards launching continually.

Another great thing about SocialMoms.net is the RAMBO (Reach A Mom Blogger Online) delivered by e-mail to your mailbox. This weekly member newsletter features a range of ways to get involved. From blogging opportunities and contests to interview prospects with respected media outlets that seek to talk to moms on various topics, to writing prompts and upcoming Twitter Parties, you’ll find something fresh and new in every issue.

Seeking to go where no other women’s social network has gone before, there is also a smartphone application called SocialMoms Insider paving the way for women to connect using the world’s first mobile social networking service dedicated to moms. By using this, you’ll not only meet moms in your neighborhood or across the web, you can also rate and review places and share tips with others, while earning points and accessing special offers from brands working with SocialMoms.

With such amazing benefits as these, it’s hard to imagine that it can get any better than this. But that’s exactly what you can expect. As our community thrives and grows, SocialMoms will continue to dream up new solutions, helping you succeed as a blogger — or an involved social mom.

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