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Social Media Updates – Major Facebook Upgrades and More

September 28, 2011

With social media updates from Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Foursquare, this past week was a big week in social media. Here are the developments that caught Social Moms’ attention:


Following its f8 developers conference last week, Facebook hit a major milestone and rolled out several new features. Facebook has now surpassed 800 million active users with another 350 million people using Facebook via a mobile device. With this achievement under its belt, the industry giant has introduced several new developments:

    Facebook Timeline – Changing its current layout, Facebook now introduces Timelines, making it easier to share your life story. You will also notice that “updates” are now referred to as “stories”. This new feature is being rolled out over the next few weeks.
    New Profile Features – Facebook Profile pages get a new arrangement and look. The News Feed now highlights the most interesting stories on your Profile. In addition, a real-time mini-feed has been added to the top right section of the profile home page, highlighting your friends’ recent updates.

    Top updates or stories on your profile page are now identified by a blue corner. Facebook makes the call as to what it thinks you’ll find interesting enough to display in this section.

    Facebook Business pages are not exempt from enhancements. A new feature, the Friend Activity navigation link, allows you to see what your friends think of a certain page. In addition, users can now comment on a business page without having to “Like” it first.


Not to be outdone, Twitter also made some changes adding a new feature for its users.  Now users can share pictures with their Tweets. Just post your tweet as you normally would, attach your desired photo to the message and then send to Twitter.


Google+ is now open to the public and has introduced a few enhancements of its own, including mobile hangouts, an On Air feature, and Google Docs hangouts. In addition, those advertising with Google AdWords can now add a Google +1 button to their ads.


If you use both Klout and Google+, then you may like the new enhancement from Klout. With the new feature, you can now connect Google+ to your Klout dashboard and integrate your Google+ activity into your Klout score.


Foursquare, the social networking site based on location, is available to users of smartphones and makes cities easier and more interesting to explore. Users “check-in” via a smartphone app to share their location with friends in return for points and badges. With their recent updates, users can now “check-in” to their home on Foursquare without having to share their address.

With all of the social media updates over the past week, which ones caught your attention? Please share your comments below.

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