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March 18, 2014

As a family of five (with four of us on a cellular phone plan) I feel like we are constantly upgrading our phones to the newest on the market. The problem becomes, what to do with the old ones?  Sometimes we hand them down to the kids, but then we’re left with older phones lying around, serving as dust collectors.

Then I realized, why not sell our phones? Selling your old cell phones can actually be very profitable. It’s easier than ever to make money on eBay when you sell your Samsung phone, or any of your phones, using their new phone selling tool. When you sell an old phone, you can use the proceeds toward your new upgrade – making it even easier to finance that new purchase. Or use the money to buy other fun items, like that pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing!

So why use eBay instead of some of the other outlets available?

  • On average, a cell phone sold every 4 seconds on eBay.
  • An iPhone is sold every 16 seconds on eBay.
  • A Samsung cell phone is sold every 22 seconds on eBay.
  • An HTC phone is sold every minute on eBay.
  • A Motorola cell phone is sold every minute on eBay.
  • An LG cell phone sold every 2 minutes on eBay.
  • A Blackberry is sold every 2 minutes on eBay.
  • A Nokia cell phone is sold every 3 minutes on eBay.
  • A Microsoft windows cell phone is sold every 7 minutes on eBay.
  • A Sony cell phone sells every 8 minutes on eBay.

See how other SocialMoms members are using eBay!

  • Melissa at Stockpiling Moms says she will use the money from her phones towards spring break activities. “When we started clearing clutter at our house we actually found 3 old cell phones that we could sell!  With the money from the phones we can use that to help do some fun things during spring break.  Since we are not able to travel this year we still want to do a few fun activities and this money will help!”

Join others in making money with your old phones. It’s easy to do, just sign up for an eBay account and follow these quick tips:

  • Select your phone from the choices listed.
  • Choose your carrier (or select if your phone is unlocked).
  • Choose the model of your phone.
  • Select from various options (color, capacity, condition).
  • The tool will provide you with an approximate value.
  • All that’s left is for you to add photos and details, choose your auction format and shipping methods. It’s never been easier!

What are you waiting for? Get started today, and make money on those old phones!

Leave a comment below and use the Rafflecopter widget to share what you would spend your money on after selling your old phone, and you could win $100 PayPal from SocialMoms!  (Official Rules)

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