Reasons to Join a Book Club, Even if You’re not a big Reader

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January 9, 2020

We’ve all heard of book clubs … and some of us may be in them. But for all the rest who aren’t, there are several reasons you might want to join. And it’s not all about reading!

  • Book clubs are fantastic ways to meet new friends. For moms with grown children, this can lead to new friendships, which are often harder to make once we are no longer on the fields and attending school events.
  • If you do have small children, book clubs can be the night out you need sans kids. Not everyone wants a fancy dressed up night on the town when they need a night out. (There’s time for that another night!)
  • Book clubs pair well with wine and cheese! When held at the host’s house, wine and snacks are a popular pairing, making it a more social event.
  • You may fall in love with reading a new genre. Historical fiction is my newest go-to, and it was based on recommendations from a friend.
  • Reading is good for the brain. As the years out of school stretch into decades, it’s important to keep your brain active. Reading is a great brain activity. Plus you never know what you learn along the way!
  • Joining a book club means you will spend less time on something else. Replacing time-sucking social media scrolling with reading a book can be beneficial by spending less time on devices.
  • Did I mention they can be fun? Of course! Getting together with a bunch of women discussing books and snacking on good cheese, can range from thought-provoking discussions to outright belly laughs.

So how do you find a good book club? Ask your reader friends, ask on social media local groups, or ask the librarian if they know of any. Can’t find one? Consider starting one! Enlist a few friends, post on your social media pages, and get a group together. You need a moderator who will start discussions. Choose a location to start and try to rotate every meeting. Meetings can run from 4-6 weeks, however long you all vote on to read the book. Need reading ideas? Take a vote on genres as you get ready to choose the first book.

Have you heard of Reese’s book club? Follow along for Reese’s recommendations on Instagram or Facebook for inspiration and to see what Reese is reading. You can also make a list over at Goodreads of the books you’d like to start with. Millions of votes were cast for their best books of 2019 which is a great way to get started!

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