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Preparing for the Future: Life Insurance & Estate Planning

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July 12, 2018

Your days are long and exhausting. By the time you take care of your work responsibilities, family, and household, the last thing you want to do is think about the future.

Especially a future without you.

It is a troubling thought and one that can bring fears to light and pain to the forefront. However, it is a necessity to consider this future, because the best way you can realistically prepare is to put plans in place for any “just in case” scenarios.

Let’s look at two items to start this process.

Life Insurance

This is important for you as a mom, whether you hold a full-time job, work part-time or stay at home with your children. You are irreplaceable, but that life insurance would be helpful if something happens and your family has to adjust. If you receive life insurance benefits through work, consider if they are actually enough for your family to continue forward. It may be beneficial to supplement that work policy with a private policy through your financial advisor or insurance agent.

A private life insurance policy won’t be dependent on your employment if you change jobs. Even if you have a life insurance policy in place, you should take the time to review it annually to make sure it still covers any current or projected expenses. Also, review your beneficiaries. Life changes can change where the money gets distributed.

Estate Plan

Do you have an estate plan in place? At the very basic this would include your will, power of attorney, and health care directives. Think you don’t have enough assets to require needing an estate plan? Think again. These documents protect you and your family beyond just finances and include the following:

  • A plan in place for guardianship of your minor children. I
  • A plan for who will handle your estate and make sure things are processed correctly.
  • A plan to make sure your health care wishes are followed if you can’t speak for yourself.
  • A plan to make sure someone you trust can act on your behalf.
  • A way to make sure your wishes are followed.

Not sure who you would put in each of these roles? Take some time to think and consider who you trust, and each role can be a different individual. If you’d rather, third-party representatives can act on behalf of your estate plan.

While you can create these documents online, it’s best to work directly with a lawyer you trust to have these documents created. Not sure which lawyer to use? Ask trusted friends or family who handles their estate planning needs.

Do you already have these things in place? If so, make sure you take the time to review them often. Life changes and so should your life insurance and estate plans, because you want to continue to protect the life you are working so hard to build for yourself and your family.

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