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Pool Safety Tips During COVID-19

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August 3, 2020

Summer is in full swing and the hot weather is here to stay for a few months. Families are looking for ways to cool down and have fun. But, many families are concerned about the safety of congregating in public spaces. And, that includes pools and beaches.

So, is it possible to head to the pool and stay safe from any dangers of COVID-19? Of course, the most important thing to consider is whether or not your state, county, or city has allowed pools to be open yet. If they haven’t, you will need to limit your activities to your own home. If they have, these pool safety tips for COVID-19 may help.

Note: To answer any questions, consult the CDC website for the most up to date and current information.

If you are lounging around the pool or visiting with friends, it’s important to social distance and wear a mask. This is true whether or not you are laying out on the beach, sitting at a table having a lemonade, or sitting around the pool. Be sure that your pool chair or your towel is placed at least 6 feet away from anyone else. As much as we want to enjoy the water when it’s hot, if you cannot maintain a safe distance, it is probably best not to be there.

Make sure that you bring along enough supplies to sanitize your hands if you do come in contact with door handles or other common objects. This can include hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, paper towels, and several spare masks just in case one does get wet.

That said, you should not be wearing a mask if it can get wet. The CDC has stated that wearing a wet mask is dangerous because it makes it hard to breathe. So, while you are in the water, it’s important to stay as far away from other people as possible. Avoid water games. Instead, focus on swimming laps in your own lane.

If you’re having people over to your pool to visit, be sure that you provide sanitizing products for people to use. Make sure that you have signs up educating your visitors to wear a mask and to stay a safe distance from others. Duct tape on the ground is a wonderful way to mark off the ground and let people know where they should be placing their towels and chairs.

Of course, the most important thing is that if you have any symptoms of COVID-19 at all, you need to stay at home. And, you need to keep the family members who have had close contact with at home as well. Remember that you can be contagious for two weeks before you show any symptoms at all.

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