Parents Rock Out for Back To School: 4 Fun Parody Videos

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September 1, 2015

It’s the first day of September, that wonderful month that traditionally signifies “Parental Freedom.” Oh no, I meant to say “Back to School.” Whether your kids started weeks ago or still have a week of vacation, you can probably relate to the feeling I have today. Even though I know the massive amounts of work, schedule juggling, meetings, and all the other things school means, they can pretty much be summed up with this video.

For about two weeks, I have mourned the end of summer. I love the freedom and fun. But then there’s this magical thing that happens just moments after that last kids’ drop off. The car…. Is quiet. No one is complaining about how close her brother’s arm is to hers. Nobody asking for a snack. No one will pout that we don’t have exciting plans today. I will sit in my car, play the music I want, maybe stop for a cup of coffee without having to buy half of the store, and then make a phone call.

Not a text.

A phone call.

When I can talk.

Out loud.

To an adult.

In full sentences without stopping!

I found a few hysterical videos from parents who are feeling that same bliss and euphoria. I know that soon I will be counting the days until break. But for now, join me in the celebration!

This family is full of hilarity! All of them pitch in to put together snippets of life that capture the back to school sentiment.

These moms created a full out music video to celebrate mommy freedom. It’s set in Target. Where else? Any parent who has shopped with, and then without, kids knows the bliss of Target #solo. Of course, the idea that we all have time to hang out together every day is a bit laughable. But we won’t let that kill the magic!

I’ll never forget being a teenager and dropping my elementary school aged brother off at the bus stop for the first day. One of the moms was singing “It the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” That was the first time it occurred to me that summer might be kind of rough on parents and school might make things a lot easier. So I had to include this re-write of the song in the back to school theme.

Whatever the school year may bring you, I wish you a happy and relaxing “Parental Freedom” month! Or at least a quiet moment with a cup of coffee.


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