Parenting in Real Life: 3 Times They Nailed It

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April 26, 2016

Last week, I almost had to punch a co-worker.

During a discussion she actually said, “Well, your kids can take care of themselves but my animals can’t.”

I’ll pause here to give you a chance to roll your eyes.

Still, she can’t be held completely responsible for her perceptions of parenthood. She’s young and certainly doesn’t have children. For that demographic, their view of parenting probably comes from commercials and the odd cameo of a kid in an adult show. According to that, babies sleep all the time in peaceful white rooms while a breeze ruffles the curtains. Kids run in for a moment, eat the nutritious snack already prepared on the table, then run out again to play happily in the backyard with a well-groomed puppy.

Should I pause again for another eye roll?

We can all agree, that is NOT the reality of raising kids. When the perfected notions of what my life SHOULD look like get me down, I love to see the real perspectives of other parents. Here are three times that nail it!

1. I have laughed over so many of the videos done by the women at Break Womb but this one came at exactly the right time. My life had run away from me and coffee had replaced air in the hierarchy of life necessities. A caffeinated mom is a functional mom, but heaven help us when the caffeine runs out!

2. It’s not a video, but if you visit Katie Kirby’s blog, Hurrah for Gin, you will laugh until your stomach hurts. Her stick figure cartoons tell the blunt story of raising children. If you are sensitive to language, you might want to take a short cut and check out this article, Mom Draws Her Everyday Parenting Problems in Brutally Honest Cartoons, that includes many of her drawings.

Mom Problems

3. This last video is a rare one because it is actually a commercial. A commercial that tells it like it is. It speaks to me especially because it specifically debunks the lies that commercials tell all women, including mothers! I doubt many of us start our mornings doing yoga in a tranquil sunlit studio wearing a cute workout ensemble. If you do, please share your secret!

Let’s face it. We love our kids but raising them can be hard … really really hard. Especially when the world at large seems determined to minimize the difficulty involved! We have to take a step back and laugh at the ridiculousness once in a while.

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