December 9, 2016

This post is sponsored by Mattel.

The holidays are here, and it’s time to buy those last minute gifts. My favorite age to shop for is preschoolers; younger children aren’t picky about their clothes or electronics. They just want bright wrapping and toys to have fun with! Our Social Moms are very excited about Mattel’s toys for preschoolers and are eager to share their choices with you. From Mega Bloks to Thomas and Friends, check out their favorites!

Fisher-Price® Shimmer and Shine™ Magic Flying Carpet

A Mom’s Impression shares why her daughter loves Shimmer and Shine:

“The main feature we look for in a toy is that it is versatile. If a toy can be played with in several different ways, than it is a strong contender. This is why I am loving the Fisher-Price® Shimmer and Shine™ Magic Flying Carpet toy this year for holiday giving for preschoolers. If you aren’t familiar, Shimmer and Shine is an animated preschool series featuring the magical adventures of genie-in-training twin sisters Shimmer and Shine and their human best friend, Leah. Their intentions are noble, but Shimmer and Shine’s naiveté about the human world causes them to accidentally grant wishes Leah didn’t mean to make! As you can imagine, this leads the trio on some pretty crazy adventures. The message that the show aims to get across to preschoolers is that every mistake is an opportunity to learn to do things better the next time.”


Lindsay with Lynzy and Co shares how much her three-year-old daughter loves the doll!

“Olivia just got this Fisher-Price® Shimmer and Shine™ Wish & Spin Shine doll in the mail, and I swear to goodness, she hasn’t put it down even once. She brings it to bed with her, to dinner with her and is always brushing her hair. For those of you that have no idea what or who Shimmer & Shine are, let me tell you a little bit about them….
Shimmer & Shine are part of an interactive preschool series that features two sisters that are genies-in-training and they have a human best friend named Leah. Since Shimmer & Shine don’t know much about the human world, they make mistakes granting wishes and each wish turns into a big adventure.”

Mega Bloks Scooping Wagon


Little Inspiration shares why Mega Bloks are a great choice for her son:

“The Mega Bloks Block Scooping Wagon combines all of my son’s favorite things–and mine too. He can build little mini-structures on the floor with his blocks, then later on, when he’s done playing, he can sweep them up without my help by using the built-in scooping system. It’s fun to imagine what his growing little mind might be thinking as he stacks and builds and lays foundations with the blocks! My little guy seems entertained with this toy for longer than he normally does, and it makes me happy to see him so excited playing. Happy kid, very happy mom!”


Dear Crissy also loves the Mega Bloks wagon and the way it keeps her kids entertained:

“In this digital world, I love toys that remind me of the ones I used to play with as a child: bright, fun and engaging toys that will keep my little ones entertained while also teaching them the basics about color, shapes, counting and organization . . . It’s one of the reasons why I’m loving the Mega Bloks Block Scooping Wagon. The colorful wagon picks up blocks when you push it, so even after those towers come tumbling down, kids will have plenty of fun picking up all of the pieces and doing it over again.”

Think & Learn Code-a-pillar™


Happily Hughes adores the Think & Learn Code-a-pillar for her preschooler son:

Hudson is almost three and a half now, and he is obsessed with it. Like, it sleeps in bed with him. I’m not kidding. Right when Hudson opened his Code-a-pillar, he went crazy–in a good, excited kind of way. We turned it on, and he immediately figured out how to take it apart and put it back together. You see, the purpose of this toy is to help develop planning, sequencing, and early coding skills. It comes with eight re-arrangeable segments that the child can pull apart and put back together. Each piece has an action on the top of it that lights up–forward, right, left and sound. When each piece is connected to the Code-a-pillar’s head, it causes the Code-a-pillar to go in those directions in order.”


Channing with Moms Without Answers tries to purchase toys that engage her kids’ problem-solving, fine motor, and critical thinking skills, while still allowing them to have fun:

“When we recently came across the Fisher-Price Think & Learn Code-a-pillar™, my kids were immediately hooked! The Code-a-pillar encourages little ones to be big thinkers. Kids can experiment by arranging the different segments into various patterns while working on their problem solving, planning & sequencing, and critical thinking skills! I am telling you, moms, this toy is awesome. The kids think they are just playing, but you and I know in all of that fun they are actually learning!”

Thomas & Friends Sky-High Bridge Jump


Chelsea with Someday I’ll Learn reveals her sons’ favorite gift this year: the Thomas and Friends Sky-High Bridge Jump!

“What’s really fun about the 18-month-to-2-year age gaps between our kids is that you can really feel the learning taking place. Some Boy, our five-year-old, led the charge to put the track together and seemed to instinctively know how to get Thomas rolling down the tracks. I kept explaining that Thomas is battery-operated and will actually make his way around the entire track without assistance, but both of our big boys are very hands-on. They wanted to turn Thomas off and push him manually through the Island of Sodor, watching him ascend the tower and jump his way two feet across the bridge.”


Guy and the Blog says the Thomas & Friends Sky-High Bridge Jump is ridiculously fun!

“Inspired by the Thomas & Friends “The Great Race” DVD where Thomas jumps to save the day, I’m pretty sure your child’s jaw will drop as he or she watches Thomas complete his most awesome stunt yet! The TrackMaster™ Sky-High Bridge Jump really brings the movie to life with fast-paced, high flying thrills. This train is ridiculously fun as it sends Thomas soaring over 2 feet through the air! We are talking about the largest Thomas playset set ever with over 8 feet of track, people! It’s pretty sweet indeed.”