September 19, 2018

It’s here! The kids are back to school and we are loving it. Don’t get us wrong—summer is an amazing time to reconnect as a family but, after two long months of trying to keep kids entertained (and supervised), we can’t help but do a victory dance. We made it!

No, this doesn’t mean that moms suddenly have unlimited amounts of time to eat bonbons and watch soap operas all day but we do get a little more wiggle room to do what we need to do. Here are some of the ways moms celebrate when their precious kiddos go back to school.

Lunch Date

You’ve made it through an entire summer with kids hanging on your every word so, of course, the first thing you should do to celebrate your freedom is to reach out to your besties for a fantastic lunch date (and maybe a mimosa… or two!)

After you’ve caught up on everything you’ve missed from each other’s lives over the past couple months, go ahead and commiserate about your child’s class assignment woes and having to deal with the teacher who never seems satisfied.

Most importantly, just enjoy those few moments of adult conversation (between bite fuls of the delicious grub your kids would think is “gross”) without having to pause to break up an argument or entertain a child who complains about being “bored” every ten minutes. Treat yo’self!

Buy a Good Book

We’ve all seen those incredible summer book lists that come out every year, but when was the last time you actually managed to pick up one of those must-read titles? If reading was part of your summer, you get a high-five and major kudos because it just didn’t happen for many of us.

Now that the sweaty road trips, neverending sleepover, and beach-fueled exhaustion is winding down, go through that list and pick up some brain food. It doesn’t even have to be nutritious, either. Along with the fiction and self-help selections, go ahead and grab a trashy romance novel. For old time’s sake, of course!

Too busy during the day and too tired at bedtime? No problem! Squeeze in a few pages while you wait in the pickup lane … or on the bleachers at the soccer game … or at gymnastics practice … you get the point!

Hit The Gym

You probably did a lot of running around all summer and, maybe some of it was intentional exercise, but more likely than not, it was just a bunch of errands. Shuttling kids back and forth to an amusement park or making a U-turn because you forgot hot dog buns for your cookout don’t really count as a workout, no matter how sweaty you felt.

Now that your kids are back in school, it’s time to go back to looking like a hot mess—at the gym. That’s right, fellow mamas. It’s athletic leisure clothing season again! Time to hit the treadmill and the grocery store wearing that same functional outfit.

So, dust off your membership card and get back to the gym. You’ll work out all of that back-to-school stress frustration and be in better shape before the holiday snacking begins. Double win!

Clean The House

Does your house look like you decorated from the summer clearance pile at the department store? By the end of the season, it seems like there are soccer balls, swimsuits, and coolers in every single corner of every room. Sure, it’s sad that the summer is ending, but putting that stuff away feels amazing (you know, until the Halloween decorations, Thanksgiving wreaths and Christmas trees take over).

Grab some wipes, a dustbin and the vacuum and banish the residue from your home (and your car!) Get into those nooks and crannies while you openly wonder whether you’re cleaning up sand or s’more crumbs. It doesn’t matter, though—it’s all going! Ah! Cleaning is underrated.

Back-to-school doesn’t mean that you’re going to have unlimited time on your hands, in fact, you might be busier than ever. You will, however, have a little more space to breathe without your kids following your every move. While you’re busy jumping back into the routine, don’t forget to take a few moments to celebrate. You’ve earned it, mama!