April 6, 2015

Not sure how to entertain the troops over Spring Break? Maybe you’re going nuts inside the house. One of the newest videos from Common Sense Media offers some fun ideas and hits straight to the core of what I love. Family Friendly Spring Activities lists three apps that will inspire outside adventures for your kids wherever you live.  This is a great use of technology to find new experiences while keeping active as a team. I can’t wait to try them out!

My favorite has to be the Geocaching app. If you haven’t heard of geocaching, it’s like a “digital treasure hunt.” People hide small boxes with tiny treasures like toy soldiers, coins, bouncy balls, and so on, then post the boxes’ coordinates for others to discover via GPS. When you find one, you can switch out one of those “treasures” with something of your own. For us, most of the fun will be getting out and exploring new areas to find a secret. I’ve long wanted to try it out with my kids but felt underprepared with knowledge and equipment. The app in this video seems to consolidate all of the necessary information in one place, making it convenient and accessible. This will be great!

The Bear Grylls camping/survival app most captures my imagination. We’ve just started to camp in the last year but I’m not exactly well versed in survival techniques like starting a fire from only what you can find or building a raft. My kids will love trying out some of the methods an expert would use. It’s the perfect way to add excitement and entertainment to even the tamest camping trip.

Check it all out with in this video!