July 25, 2012

It’s hard for me to believe that my little baby boy is heading off to begin his freshman year of college in less than four weeks. Where does the time go … but that’s a topic and blog for another day.  So as I get ready to send him on his merry independent way and ensure that he keeps health inspectors at bay – here are 10 practical must-have products to keep his dorm room clean and organized enough.

By the way … in addition to these it’s always a good idea to give your college students a few canisters of Clorox Disinfecting Wipes so they can clean on a rare whim and which I keep and use like tissues around my home.

Check out this segment on TODAY with Kathie Lee & Hoda:

  1. MicroFridge.  This is an all in one microwave, fridge and freezer to save energy and space. That’s the good news.  The bad news sorta is it’s gonna be used ‘n abused. For odors stick on Arm & Hammer’s Fridge Fresh. And in the microwave layer paper towels so they can remove after each mess.
  2. Trash Can:  The trash is bound to pile up and start smelling, so before you leave put a bunch of Glad Bags with Odor Shield ‘n Fabreeze on the bottom and sheets of old newspapers to absorb odors. Here’s a space-saving Skinny Can from The Container Store that’s only 6.99.
  3. Chrome Laundry Bag Stand with Mesh Bag. Allow dirty, sweaty laundry to breathe in this bag so moisture doesn’t build up and cause mold. To help with odor, sprinkle some baking soda onto a piece of twine or ribbon and attach it to the chrome basket. And to make laundry even easier, stock up on Tide Pods for your child. These handy dandy, pre-measured packs are a detergent, stain remover and brightener in one, so your lil one won’t have to try to figure out how much to put in each load.
  4. Dresser Drawer Liners. Wo knows what lurks (or will lurk) within? Avoid the creepy crawlies with these Cedar and Lavender Drawer Liners for Dresser. Cedar is a natural pest repellant and lavender absorbs/neutralizes odors – so they’re perfect for any dorm room.
  5. Mattress ‘N Pillow Encasements. These are a MUST since college mattresses and pillows are a haven for dust mites, bed bugs and other nasty microbes.  I love these from CleanRest since they zip ‘n lock so mites can’t creep in.
  6. Microfiber Bedding. It’s the best way to go for sheet, comforters and any other bedding items since they’re wrinkle and stain resistant, and wash easy/dry fast. I got a complete set for just $49.99 at Marshalls. To find a store just visit www.Marshallsonline.com. Remember to buy Twin 2xL.
  7. Under-Bed Storage.  
  8. Damage Free Hooks. For any type of hanging, check out Command Hooks. They have just about any size for a variety of weights – and they won’t damage walls when it’s time to take everything down again.
  9. Chair Organizer. This Aussie Chair Organizer is a terrific space saver for the back of their desk chair.
  10. Alarm Clock. Last but not least. Help your child get to class on time with Clocky, the amazingly annoying alarm clock from Nanda Home.

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