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Brave and Spiderman: DVD Releases for November

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November 1, 2012

The month of November is jam-packed with some great DVD releases that the whole family can enjoy.  Along with a few great action films, there are several kid-friendly flicks, thrillers and comedies to choose from.  Here’s a look at what’s available this month:

The Amazing Spider-Man  – This most recent reboot surrounding the classic comic hero follows the life of Peter Parker, a young man whose parents abandoned him and was raised by his Uncle Ben and Aunt May.  As a teen, he struggles with his identity while trying to cope with being an outsider.  When his first high school crush, Gwen Stacy, takes notice of him, the relationship is far from easy – especially after he discovers his father’s briefcase which leads him straight into harm’s way.

Arthur Christmas – This cute holiday film centers on a comically dysfunctional family and its unlikely hero, Arthur, who sets out on a mission that could save Christmas.  The catch is that his task must be completed before dawn on December 25th.  Rather than depict the North Pole in a traditional light, Arthur Christmas, reinvents it in an ultra-modern, high-tech way that will solve the mystery as to how Santa is able to deliver all of the world’s presents in a single night.

The Watch (November 13, 2012) – Looking for a good comedy?  This tale about four civic-minded citizens who aim to protect their small Ohio town with flashlights and walkie-talkies might be exactly what you need.  Clad in matching jackets, the group patrols the community peacefully until the unthinkable happens – they stumble upon an alien plot that would destroy the entire Earth.  Do they have what it takes to save the world?

Brave (November 13) – Plunge into the wonder of an ancient land with Merida, the headstrong daughter of Queen Elinor and King Fergus.  A skilled archer, the courageous young woman bucks off custom and tradition to walk to the beat of her own drum.  Unfortunately, her decision to the defy the lords of the land leads to chaos in the kingdom and, ultimately, it is up to her and her triplet brothers to restore peace and undo a curse before it’s too late.

Savages (November 13) – Oliver Stone returns with a star-packed thriller based on a best-selling novel by Don Winslow.  The plots revolves around a pair of Laguna Beach entrepreneurs, a former Navy Seal and a peaceful Buddhist who join forces to create some of the best marijuana ever grown.   The men also share their love of one beautiful lady.  Everything is working blissfully until they are overtaken by the Mexican Baja Cartel which ultimately takes the bond of the three friends to the limit.

ParaNorman (November 27) – The story, brought to life by the makers of Coraline, centers on a boy who must save his town from an ancient curse by using his own special powers.  In the process, he must deal with the out-of-touch adults around him as he does his best to take on ghosts, zombies and witches.

Sparkle (November 30) – This remake of the 1976 film of the same name features Whitney Houston in her final role before her untimely death earlier this year.  Houston stars as the disapproving single mother of Sparkle, the lead singer of a Supremes-inspired musical group who suddenly finds herself facing some unexpected challenges on her road to the top.

The Expendables 2 (November 20) – The storyline barely matters with some movies and this would be a prime example.  With a cast boasting many of the biggest names in action films from recent times (including the legendary Chuck Norris), The Expendables 2 follows the ragtag group of veterans as they seek revenge after a job that has gone horribly wrong.

Men in Black 3 (November 30) – The third installment in the popular franchise has Agents J and K going back in time to find answers to the problems they are facing in the present (which includes saving mankind, of course).  While struggling to make sense of past events, Agent J learns more than he bargained for when he meets up with the former version of his current partner.  It might be a little confusing but it is all revealed in the end.

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