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New Automation Tool for Pinterest

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August 24, 2012

Pinterest has quickly become a contendor in the race for top social networks. According to Compete, Pinterest has jumped from 700K to almost 20M unique visitors in the last year.  This equates to about half the number of Twitter’s unique visitors.

Pinterest also made Hitwise’s list of the top ten social networks in December 2011, beating out industry giants LinkedIn and Google+.  With all of the hub-bub around Pinterest, many business owners (and mompreneurs!) have begun using this social network for marketing their wares.

And, oh, how we love Pinterest (don’t you?) … Some can get lost in pinning and repining to their heart’s delight.  But how does a busy, savvy entrepreneur balance running a successful business and keeping up with the demands of social media marketing?

Many companies are already using automation tools for Facebook and Twitter, but what about Pinterest?  Is there anything available to help better manage this fast-growing, visually focused bookmarking site?

In marketing, the need for frequent pinning is evident.  Without it, the chances of being repinned drop.  This is because most people on Pinterest don’t explore individual boards as much as they look at the main Pinterest wall.  So, if your pins aren’t showing up on the wall, then you might as well be invisible.

But there’s hope.  Pinerly, a new startup in the social networking industry, has recently introduced tools to schedule pins, follow interesting pinners, and track meaningful metrics.  Called the “HootSuite for Pinterest,” it offers a suite of tools that help content creators and marketers easily post their visual content onto social media sites (mainly Pinterest) and measure the results.

With Pinerly, users are able to pin their content and then track it to measure the relevance.  Using the tools, users can also take advantage of suggested pins to keep their followers engaged while freeing up their own time.  The tool also suggests other pinners that may be worthy of following, and it will eventually allow users to schedule pins.

Pinerly’s goal is to help marketers build a good social media marketing strategy.  They understand that entrepreneurs have a lot on their plate, so they are “confident that [they] will simplify every single step to get you working smarter and a lot more efficiently.”

Access to Pinerly is currently by invitation only, but invitations are slowly being rolled out to those on the waiting list.  To get more details on Pinerly and to add your name to the list, visit

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