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My Life Gone Viral: 5 Videos That Sum Up Parenting

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January 31, 2017

As you know, viral videos are all the rage on social media, and I find them hard to resist. If a video looks touching or funny and I trust the source, I’ll generally take a look. Here are five videos that sum up my current parenting experience.


As a mom who is past my roller coaster days, I usually feel bad for the people in these types of videos. The guy in this video made me smile, however, because he was clearly stressed out but had the best attitude … until he didn’t.  As I showed it to my mom, I had an epiphany: his video sums up my life right now! The last few months have been a bit rough and I keep expecting things to smooth out soon. Like that poor man on the roller coaster, I wake up, think the worst is over, and smile. But then, “Oh [bleep],” —something else comes up and I’m down for the count again.

Get Back Up Again … and Again … and Again

There’s a good chance you’ve seen the video below. This unfortunate polar bear mascot is just trying to do his job but ice and a fuzzy costume don’t mix. The funniest part of this video is the end.  When the man gives the polar bear a friendly pat on the back, it results in the worst face plant yet. And that is exactly how I feel at the end of most of my days!

But There Are Treats

One of the dogs in this video reminds me of my children. Hint: it’s not the dog that won!

Are Going to Repeat This Day…Again?

Speaking of my children, these kittens pretty much nail it. This poor mama cat just wants to sit down, but her offspring refuse to stay put. Life as a parent tends to feel like Groundhog Day all over again.

I’m Only Pretending This is Funny

When my brother showed me this video,  I chuckled—until the truth dawned on me. I do some of those ridiculous things in real life! There are days when I’m so tired or distracted that pouring juice, cracking an egg, or getting out Tupperware become a hazard!

Parenting isn’t easy. Be sure to take some time to laugh—and enjoy the ride!

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