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Mottos Allow Your Kids to Express Themselves With Their Shoes

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June 11, 2014

It’s nearly summer and you know what that means – time to break out the flip flops!  They are the perfect accessory for hitting the beach, the pool, or the local park to play.

There are a variety of patterns and colors when it comes to choosing your flip flops, but now your kids have another way to change up their shoes. The Mottos™ shoe charms help kids express themselves in positive and creative ways.

Unlike other embellishments, these one-of-a-kind trademarked charms contain a patent pending snap-in, snap-out feature. This makes it easy for kids to remove and exchange the charms, but they stay securely in the slipper. The special design also makes it comfortable to wear as the charm does not protrude through the strap. The Mottos flip flops come with a sturdy and stylish nylon, logoed backpack for the kids to travel with their collection to the beach or wherever. Kids also receive a distinctly colorful shoe box designed like a retro lunch box with a “snap board” to store all of their Mottos™.

Mottos’ founders, Lucy Ben-Avraham and Kim White say, “We focus on encouraging kids to express themselves in positive ways through the use of our own custom designed “emoticon” characters. Kids use the Mottos™ charms to decorate their flip flops based on their moods and feeling each day. Each character is special in its own way and each encourages kids to embrace their own uniqueness.”

Mottos doesn’t want to just focus on footwear. They’ve expanded their website to give parents and caregivers new ways to interact with their kids about the best ways for them to express their emotions. Practical and tested methods are shared on blog posts. And kids can learn more about their favorite characters online. They continue to add more content and plan to include interactive books, online games, and much more in the coming months!

If you act SOON you can get 30% off a Mottos designer set and charms on Amazon! Just enter promo code “MOTTOS30” at checkout. Expires June 30th, 2014.

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