Moms Say: Our Last Day of School Traditions

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June 1, 2015

It’s June. For most elementary students, the year is wrapping up. For most parents of elementary students, you are running ragged because the school has decided to plan everything under the sun within these last few days. Whatever your lead-up looks like, you all deserve some sort of occasion or celebration for making it through another year.

Given my rather humiliating list in 7 Back to School Traditions: Getting Your Kids Excited, it might surprise you to know that our family has relatively few end-of-the-school-year traditions. Maybe because I’m usually so exhausted, getting into the car and driving away feels like a party! With that in mind, I asked moms from various schools and grade levels to find out what others are doing to celebrate the end of school.

Here’s what they said:

  1. It’s hot so we get a big group together and go to the movies. There’s usually a big kids’ movie coming out around that time, so the timing works. When we’re there, we buy a few large popcorns and have all the kids munch on that as a snack. It’s not all that healthy but the kids have fun and us moms love them all in one place where we can sit down and cool off!
  2. A few years ago, we sort of stumbled into a tradition of sorts. We made handmade ice cream by shaking it in plastic bags. Now the kids expect it every year.
  3. I let each kid invite one friend to our house for a sleepover.
  4. My son has a group of friends that have known each other since pre-school. We have a party for them at someone’s house.
  5. My kids grow like weeds, so at the beginning of every summer, they get a new swim suit and then we go swimming.
  6. A friend of mine takes his son for root beer floats at the same restaurant to open and close the year.
  7. We throw everyone in the car, grab pizza on the way, and go to the drive-in.
  8. Everyone does stuff for their kids, but this year we’re starting a new tradition. We’re having two parties at the same time in the same place. One for the kids, so they can have fun and go play. And then one for the adults, because they’re all stressed out at this point!
  9. We don’t have any traditions unless you count sleeping in!
  10. We try to go camping every year to kind of kick off the whole summer feeling. A trip make it feel like we’ve done something and keeps the kids from feeling sad about the last day and saying good-bye to friends and teachers.

I guess whether you go big or small, you can’t help but celebrate. Even if it’s just with a nap!

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