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Mom’s Guide to Travel: Blog of the Week

August 22, 2011

Check out Mom’s Guide to Travel, written by Tawanna Browne Smith, from Pasadena, Maryland.

Like most of our SocialMoms, Tawanna is a dynamic personality. She’s an entrepreneur, an actress, blogger, and a happily married mother of two boys. Tawanna also writes for the Examiner.com and works as a beauty consultant and online fitness coach. How’s that for keeping a few plates in the air?

Mom’s Guide to Travel helps parents manage the obstacles of traveling with kids by providing traveling tips, property and product reviews, as well as entertainment ideas. The Mom’s Guide to Travel blog also features videos that highlight and chronicle the preparation and chaos that go into family travel. Her goal is to help you reduce your stress and by getting organized when travelling with kids. She’s got tips for dealign with long lines at amusement parks and airports, dealing with bored kids on plane rides and road trips, packing and to-do-lists, and tips for keeping vacations affordable. She’s also an ace at identifying kid-friendly vacation spots.

“I have been packing and unpacking my suitcases since I was 13,” says Tawanna. “My first time packing was for boarding school. Leaving home was daunting to say the least. I’d never traveled anywhere by myself.” Little did she know the decision to go away for high school would become the foundation for her unending appetite for travel.

Tawanna is the self-proclaimed “queen of packing” — a title she bestowed upon herself after countless adventures and last-minute journeys. But everything changed once a husband and two kids entered the picture, when all her travel experience was thrown out the window. “Traveling solo is a piece of cake,” says Tawanna. “Traveling with a spouse and young children can be a taste of insanity.”

Connect with Tawanna on SocialMoms.com and on Twitter @worldtravelmom.

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