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Missing Travel? Stream These Shows Right Now!

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May 22, 2020

Even if travel restrictions are lifted right now, many will choose to stay close to home in light of the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, you might be sitting at home missing all of the amazing places you wish you could visit.

If you’re homebound but feeling that wanderlust, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered! Here’s a list of great travel shows you can stream right from the comfort (and safety) of your living room!

Lost Cities With Albert Lin

You’ll be absolutely captivated by this National Geographic–produced show, hosted by scientist, Albert Lin. An avid explorer, he takes viewers to some of the most famous lost cities from the jungles of Columbia to the Knights Templar caves in Israel.

Travels with My Father

This heartwarming, eye-opening, and funny series follows British stand-up comedian, Jack Whitehall, as he travels across Southeast Asia (first season) and Eastern Europe (second season) with his father, Michael. 

Parts Unknown

One of the very best travel shows ever made is Parts Unknown, which was hosted by the late chef, Anthony Bourdain. He circled the world sharing the often unseen side of culture, history, and amazing food all over the world. 

Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories

This fictional show tells the story of Midnight Diner’s owner and the unique clientele that visit the tiny Tokyo eatery between the hours of midnight and 7 AM. The episodes are only about 20 minutes long, so this is a great option for binging or just a quick escape. 

Planet Earth and Planet Earth II

Narrated by the incomparable Sir David Attenborough, this groundbreaking natural history series allows viewers to get up close and personal with our world, from blue whales to Tibetan foxes and everything in between.

Our Planet

Attenborough once again pulls through with this docuseries which was brought to life by the creators of Planet Earth and the World Wildlife Fund. You’ll visit deep jungles, frozen tundras and so much more! 

Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted

Produced by National Geographic and hosted by Gordon Ramsey, this series is as educational as it is entertaining! Watch as this Master Chef takes a back seat and learns to cook from locals across the globe.

Conan Without Borders

Conan O’Brien has been on television for decades, but you’ve probably never seen him like this before! The talk show host takes us to different cultures, highlighting local issues that deserve our attention. While it’s a more serious side of Conan, he still manages to make us laugh.

Dark Tourist

Journalist David Farrier takes us inside some of the places tourists would not dare to tread in this captivated, but admittedly less upbeat, series where he swims in a lake from by a nuclear blast in Kazakhstan and explores the haunted forests of Japan.

Extreme Engagement

If you enjoyed “Love Is Blind,” you might really like this show about marriage customs around the world. As an added level of interest, the hosts, PJ Madam and Tim Noonan, are an engaged couple who discover that spending a year traveling together can be challenging. 

We don’t know when travel will return to normal, but in the meantime, these fun shows can help us continue to see the world. Make it even more of an at-home adventure by prepping some international snacks for your binge-fest!

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