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Michelle Williams Break-Up and More: Single-Parenting in Hollywood

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March 1, 2013

Fans expressed their sadness through social media upon hearing the unfortunate news: Michelle Williams and Jason Segel have called it quits.

Williams has always been protective of her private life and, somehow, that made the time following ex-Heath Ledger’s death even more tragic – she would have to raise their daughter, Matilda, alone.  Williams has kept a relatively low profile over the past couple years, but it warmed everyone’s hearts to think that she might be on the brink of living happily ever after.  Not only did Williams include Segel in outings with her little girl but he was even spotted caring for Matilda on his own.  All signs were pointing in the right direction but the latest reports indicate the pair has chosen to go their separate ways.

Anyone who has tried dating as a single parent knows how difficult it can be, especially when a child develops a bond with the person.  It’s a fine line – do you keep your child sheltered from the relationship or do you include them? Hopefully, this transition will be as smooth as possible for all of them.

We can only know what is going on from the outside but, in the end, they’ve got to do what is right for them.

A great example is Britney Spears.  Of course, we can’t possibly know the whole story – but many people felt like her relationship with Jason Trawick was not based on romance but, rather, was the result of her being so limited in the number of people she was able to interact with.  When her parents were granted a conservatorship, she lost a lot of control over her life.

There are single fathers in Hollywood too that are trying to find their equilibrium after a split. Katie Holmes took ex-husband, Tom Cruise (and the world), by surprise when she abruptly filed for divorce.  Since Cruise lives on the west coast, he hasn’t been able to see their daughter, Suri, very often after Holmes relocated to New York City.  Recently, he had Suri flown to London to spend a few days with him.  Cruise has been busy filming but he did manage to find time to see Suri over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

It just goes to show that the bank accounts might contain more money, and the commutes between parents might be longer but these celebrities are just regular people who are trying to make the best decisions they can while adjusting to being single.

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