May 25th is National Missing Children’s Day

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May 19, 2016

None of us want to talk about something like this but we have to. Every day around the world, children go missing. Sometimes, everything works out and they are returned to the safety of their homes. Sometimes, the outcome is devastating.

When a child goes missing, the families rely on many resources and we can make a huge difference by getting involved and spreading the word. The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) works tirelessly across the country in an effort to reunite loved ones. Here are some ways that you can show your support for National Missing Children’s Day.


Without donations, NCMEC wouldn’t be able to work as hard as they do. Fortunately, there are several ways in which you can provide financial support. You may donate by phone (1-866-411-KIDS), mail, text message (Text SAFEKIDS to 20222), from your donor-advised fund and more. For more information, visit the MissingKids.org website.

Involve Your Workplace

Have you ever noticed those missing children posters on display on bulletin boards in stores like Walmart and Sam’s Club? Why not consider adding them to the lunchroom, lobby or cafeteria at your workplace? Most cases are solved after officials receive tips about sightings so it’s important that the faces of these missing children are shown in as many places as possible.

Host a Fundraiser

Most people enjoy free food and gatherings so why not host an event for a good cause? That being said, fundraisers don’t have to be an elaborate affair. In fact, they can range from bake sales and auctions to walk-a-thons and beyond. Get creative!

Share a Story

The NCMEC depends on everyday people to get their message across which means that, while you might be shy about it on social media, it’s important to share photos of missing children when you see the. If it was your child, you wouldn’t want people to hesitate to circulate crucial information for fear of annoying their followers!

Join a Campaign

NCMEC’s campaigns are designed to engage and educate communities about how we can all get involved and help raise awareness about child safety. The ultimate goal is to prevent abduction and exploitation of our children. The Be Here for Kids campaign encourages child safety, the Campaign Against Sexual Exploitation (CASE) campaign educates communities about how to recognize and report child sexual exploitation and the Picture Them Home campaign raises awareness about the importance of sharing photos in the search for missing children.

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare and, as a result, many of us avoid talking about abduction and exploitation but we must face this issue and band together to protect our children. What ways do you plan to get involved?

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