March 2014 Spring Movie Releases

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March 12, 2014

It’s hard to believe that it’s March already! This third month of the year will (hopefully) bring warm weather as spring rolls in but, in the meantime, we can stay warm and toasty while we check out some of the new releases in theater and on the big screen. Here are some titles to look forward to in theaters:

March 7
300: Rise of an Empire
– Did you like the original 300? If so, this action-packed follow-up follows Greek general Themistokles as he attempts to unite Greece by leading an epic battle against the invading Persian forces led by the ever-creepy, Xerxes and Artemisia.

March 14
Need for Speed – Fans of AMC’s show, Breaking Bad, will enjoy seeing Aaron Paul (as lead character, Tobey Marshall)  in this adaptation of the video game of the same name. In a mission to exact revenge, Tobey embarks on a nearly impossible race across the country but ends up realizing that his journey is really about redemption.

Tyler Perry’s Single Moms Club – Tyler Perry is diversifying a bit with his newest film. A group of single mothers from various backgrounds are brought together after an incident at their children’s school. While they address the issue, they form a bond that, ultimately, gives them the support to deal with their personal problems.

March 21
Divergent – Pegged as a film that could interest Hunger Games fans, Divergent takes place in a time when people are divided into factions based on their human traits. Tris Prior is stunned to learn that she’s “Divergent” and, therefore, will never belong to any group. With the help of the mysterious Four, Tris embarks on a journey to discover why her existence is so threatening before it’s too late.

Muppets Most Wanted – An all-star cast of humans joins up with our most beloved Muppet characters who find themselves in trouble overseas during a worldwide tour. The mayhem begins because the World’s Number One Criminal, Constantine, is a dead ringer for Kermit. He, along with his sidekick, Dominic “Number Two” Badguy, are at the center of an international crime caper leaving the Muppets gang scrambling to figure out how to prove their innocence.

March 28
A Haunted House 2 – It may not be Halloween but if you’re looking for some mildly spooky fun, this may be the perfect movie. The sequel to the 2013 spoof movie, A Haunted House, has main character, Malcolm, making a fresh start after exorcising the demons of his ex.  Along with his new girlfriend and her two children, Malcolm moves into his dream home only to be plagued by more paranormal activity.

Sabotage – An elite DEA task force successfully completes a high-stakes raid on the safe house of the world’s deadliest drug cartel but, rather than celebrating, the group find themselves slowly being picked off. Their biggest challenge will be identifying the traitor among them before they’ve all been eliminated.

Noah – This ambitious movie takes a very beloved Biblical tale and turns it into a big budget Hollywood blockbuster. With subject matter such as this, the risk of upsetting religious groups is high but, if they manage to pull it off, this story about one man’s quest to protect his family (and the future of the Earth) from an apocalyptic flood could be absolutely incredible.

Don’t feel like getting dressed to go to the theater?  Here’s a list of notable DVD/Blu-ray releases this month:

March 4
The Last Days on Mars
12 Years a Slave

March 7
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

March 11
In Fear
Enemies Closer

March 18
American Hustle

March 25
Welcome to the Jungle
The Delivery Man
The Wolf of Wall Street

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