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Managing your Family Time

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January 10, 2012

Tending to life, work, a blog, kids, etc. can unravel into the inability to ever get caught up. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or you work full time it seems we are never caught up. Before you are in need of an intervention, reinvent the wheel. Managing our family time may just be what the Doctor ordered.

Write it down

Take a chalk board, dry erase board or calendar and hang it on a wall everyone will see everyday. Jot down to-do’s, errands, don’t forget, etc. by priority and add a date. Anything you don’t want to miss out on should go here. Encourage your family members to add to it.

Set a timer

Set timers with everything you and your kids do. Playing outside, bath time, games and the computer. Whether you are going to be on the computer or your tween wants to surf the web, limit the time spent on the screen. Carving out 30 – 1 hour increments at the computer will allow you to be more proficient.

Set a family schedule

Sunday’s are my family time with little to no exceptions. That means the kids aren’t allowed to run off to their friends and we do everything that day together. Tailor the week to fit your families needs, and reconnect daily. After dinner, when the weather permits, my husband and I spend uninterrupted time with the kids outdoors. Taking the dog for a walk allows us a chance to reconnect and unwind. In the winter we enjoy a mug of hot cocoa by the fireplace. Just thirty minutes a day when everyone disconnects themselves from phones, television, video games, computers. Shut the lights off in the rest of the house and relax.

Quality, not quantity

Sitting in a room watching your favorite show while the kids play can’t seriously be called family time. How you spend your family time is what matters. Truly reconnecting means enjoying your time together, not asking your little ones to talk lower because mom and dad can’t hear the television. Whether it’s twenty minutes or an hour the real idea behind family time is not the time itself, but the use of it.

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