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Life as a Parent: 5 Videos that Tell It Like It Is

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October 17, 2017

Any parent can tell you that when it comes to raising kids, you don’t know until you know. People who haven’t experienced the joy and pain of trying to raise a child—from a newborn into a fully functional adult—just can’t understand what it’s like. Even though every family is different, there are certain situations that almost any parent can relate to. These videos take some of those moments and make them entertaining!

From the minute that baby comes home from the hospital, your opportunities for personal time evaporate. Then when your child starts moving independently, even personal grooming time goes out the window. This mom demonstrates this reality with a true-to-life makeup tutorial.

Once you get the hang of the new level of chaos, you start attempting trips to the outside world. The grocery store is like an obstacle course when you take a little one along. Even when the kids get older, it’s still a chore to take them with you. This Australian dad points out the different types of dads in the grocery store and their various parenting styles.

It seems like the older kids get, the slower they move when you’re trying to get out the door. These moms took the song Despacito and rewrote it to express the frustration of parents just attempting to make it somewhere on time! I give them extra props because they even kept the Spanish in the song!

Personal grooming pressures grow when you start comparing yourself to “those moms” who manage to look put together and adorable while still getting their children to school on time. Meanwhile, the rest of us are rocking sweats and bed head. This mom sends her kids to the bus stop and hides in the house because there’s a super mom in a tennis skirt on her block. I can completely empathize with her. It makes me wish our school had a bus so I could hide from those moms, too.

Just when you’ve got the parenting thing figured out, or at least know how to pretend you do, the kids change on you. Their hormones kick in, emotions go wild, and you have a teenager. Life with a teenager in the house brings a whole new set of challenges. The “Truth Bomb Mom” explains what it’s like to talk to your teen with funny-because-they’re-true comparisons. It’s like parenting ten different people at the same time!

In the end, most parents are on the same emotional roller coaster you are. Remember, you aren’t alone, you’re doing a great job, and this phase will pass!

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