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Klout Launches Brand Pages

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May 31, 2012

Last month, Klout announced its version of brand pages called Brand Squads. Calling on Red Bull to serve as its exclusive launch partner, Klout rolled out the beta version of Brand Squads as “a way of giving influencers a place to be recognized and have a direct impact on the brands they care about most.”

Brand Squads will provide a platform for Klout influencers to engage with all brands. On each brand page, you will see a list of the top influencers for that brand, be able to watch the stream of conversations as they flow across social media, and even earn access to special perks offered by the brand.

While this is good news for top brands looking to be recognized as top influencers, social moms and social media enthusiasts also have good reason to be excited about this new product.  Below are the new features Klout’s Brand Squads offer and how they may impact you:

New Social Header

The newly designed header will now allow brands to include their social media buttons for top social media accounts. This feature will enable users to more easily connect with you on different platforms – without having to search through cyberspace to find you. This feature makes Klout even more appealing in that it will be one of the few social brand pages that allow users to easily visit a brand’s various social media accounts from one place.

Top Influencers

Brand Squads will showcase a brand’s top influencers. These are the people who interact most with your brand, talking about it within their own social networks. The new layout will highlight the top 10 influencers while also giving you the ability to see the top 100 influencers. This feature will give you the ability to see who are your most active and loyal fans.  You can use this information to better reward and gather feedback from your community.

Activity Feed

Keep up with the latest activity on your squad with the activity feed, similar to Facebook’s ticker. The scrolling list allows you to not only view the latest activity, but also share content with your various social communities. By hovering over an update, you can select whether to tweet or share it from a popup that appears.

Perks for Brands

Klout released its “Klout Perks” last year as a way to reward users who have earned it based on their influence, and is now rolling out this feature for brands. With this feature, you will be able to reward those who really show they care about your brand.

Top Shared Content

Each brand page will feature the top content being shared about your brand, and will highlight content from all social platforms. This gives you an easy way to see who’s talking about you and what is being shared about your brand. You can also hover over a post and easily share or tweet that content.  In addition, the content area will display who was influenced by the post.

What are your thoughts? Are Klout Brand Squads something you could benefit from?

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