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Katherine Schwarzenegger Gives Birth, Alyssa Milano’s COVID fight, Chrissy Teigen’s New Body, and More!

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August 12, 2020

We’re almost halfway through August and it’s proof that, even in a pandemic, the summer just flies by. Before long, these gorgeous days are going to get a lot shorter, so even if you’re staying close to home, be sure to open the blinds and soak in the sunshine. While you’re basking in the glow, grab a snack and catch up on the latest. Even in 2020, you deserve some “me time!”

Katherine Schwarzenegger Gives Birth

Exciting news—Katherine Schwarzenegger and Chris Pratt have welcomed their first child! While there hasn’t been an official announcement from the couple, her younger brother Patrick told Entertainment Tonight that the growing family is “doing great.” While flashing a little box wrapped with a pink bow, he added, “just got her a little gift.”

Sources say the couple “knew they were having a girl and were thrilled about it. Kat had a good pregnancy and she is hoping for a quick recovery. So far, so good. She is going through all the first-time mom emotions. She is extremely happy, but a bit tired and overwhelmed. Chris keeps being amazing though. It’s comforting for Kat that he is already a dad and understands how it is to have a newborn.”

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, their “families couldn’t meet the baby at the hospital,” but that hasn’t stopped the visitors at home. “As soon as Kat and the baby got home from the hospital, Maria and Arnold visited. They are both proud grandparents of course. They also visited over the weekend. Maria is making sure that Kat has everything she needs,” the source added.

Reps for the couple have yet to comment.

Pratt shares a son, Jack, 7, with ex-wife, Anna Faris. We can only imagine how excited he is to have a new sibling! 

Alyssa Milano’s COVID fight

When Alyssa Milano started experiencing “every COVID symptom” in March, she decided to get screened. Despite testing negative more than once, it turns out that she did have the disease. The 47-year-old actress has tested positive for antibodies and is speaking out about her experience. 

Explaining that she lost 9lbs in two weeks while fighting the illness, she added: “Everything hurt. Loss of smell. It felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest. I couldn’t breathe,” she wrote while sharing a photo of herself from April. “I was confused. Low grade fever, and the headaches were horrible.”

Despite two negative results and a negative “finger prick” antibodies test, Milano has felt “lingering symptoms” such as “vertigo, stomach abnormalities, irregular periods, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, zero short term memory, and general malaise.” In a recent video on Twitter, she showed that she’s also experiencing hair loss, as many COVID survivors have reported. 

She finally took another antibody test at a lab where blood is drawn, and tested positive. “I also want you to know, this illness is not a hoax. I thought I was dying. It felt like I was dying,” she said. In the hope of saving lives, she will be donating plasma and urges everyone to wear a mask, wash their hands, and maintain social distancing. 

Chrissy Teigen’s New Body

After deciding to have her breast implants removed, Chriss Teigen is getting reacquainted with her body. The model, cookbook author, and mother of two shared a revealing video on her Instagram Story over the weekend. 

Wearing only leggings and standing in front of a floor-length mirror, Teigen covers her breasts with her arms. Clearly, she’s feeling more comfortable than earlier in the summer, right after the procedure. At the time, she explained that her breasts “are still huge. I think I honestly will do it again and have them make them smaller. I did not expect that they would still be this large.”

One main reason she had her implants removed—she wanted to be able to lay on her stomach more comfortably or zip up a dress in her size. 

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