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J.Lo & Shakira: When Two Moms Took on the Super Bowl

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February 4, 2020

Did you watch the Super Bowl on Sunday? Congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs! Of course, the big day isn’t complete without people talking about the commercials or the halftime show the next day. Last year, everyone complained that Maroon 5 was boring and “a dud,” but almost no one made a big deal over the fact that lead singer, Adam Levine, was shirtless. 

This year, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira brought the heat to Miami, and viewers seem to be divided. While one side was blown away that two mamas (ages 50 and 43, respectively) could put on such an intense, dance-heavy performance, others complained that it looked like a striptease act. Let’s look back on some of the highlights and reactions. 

Pepsi Halftime Show History

History was made on Sunday when J.Lo and Shakira took the stage. The pair became the very first Latina women to co-headline the halftime show. Both women are known for their memorable dance moves, and they managed to bring their two musical styles together harmoniously for 12 full minutes. 

To many, there was nothing surprising about the performance. Who doesn’t associate Shakira with belly dancing or expect her to shimmy during hits like “Hips Don’t Lie”? As for J.Lo… whether it’s her Vegas residency or an episode of American Idol, her booty shaking is well known. The women stayed true to themselves as artists and made history in the process.

Shakira, The Birthday Girl

Can you imagine performing for a massive stadium full of people (and viewers at home) on your birthday? What a way to celebrate! For Shakira, that became a reality on Sunday as she danced her heart out halfway through the Super Bowl to famous tracks including “She Wolf” and “Whenever, Wherever.”

“The best birthday gift has been the support of all my fans and the most amazing and hardworking team an artist could wish for,” wrote Shakira on Instagram. “We Latinos climbed Kilimanjaro and made history tonight and we couldn’t have done it without all of you!”

A Very Special Guest

The ladies welcomed a host of guests, including Bad Bunny, during their performance—but one of them was extra special. Did you notice all of the kids wearing white being led by a particularly talented little girl? That sweet angelic voice belonged to Lopez’s daughter, Emme!

Lopez shares 11-year-old twins, Emme and Max, with ex-husband, Marc Anthony. Clearly, musical talent runs in that very successful family as Emme delivered some amazing vocals during “Let’s Get Loud.” What an incredible moment for mother and daughter!

Everyone’s a Critic

While many celebrated the high energy performance, J.Lo and Shakira faced some intense criticism too. The dancing has been called “vulgar” with evangelist, Franklin Graham, even referring to it as “sexual exploitation.”

One thing’s for sure, though—both women are still very much at the top of their game. Too often, as women age, we’re dismissed or deemed “too old” to be sexy or powerful. Each of these superstars is a mother of two and well past what society considers “their prime.” If Sunday night was any indication, though, they are just getting started. 

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