Is Your Workplace Ruining Your Life? 4 Ways to Cut Ties From Your Boss

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May 24, 2013

We spend so much time in our workplace, a significant portion of the day – if not the week. And unfortunately , it’s not always our dream job. We apply for jobs, but, often times we end up working where we can. As a result, we may not have a lot of control over the setting, culture and coworkers. And that can make it difficult to adapt.

We depend on our jobs to provide for ourselves and our families which puts us in quite a bind if things aren’t exactly going as planned. Of course, there are situations when we just need to “tough it out” but what happens when it gets beyond that point?

The Time Sap

Some jobs have very set schedules whereas others are a lot more flexible. In those situations, it can be easy for employers to ask employees to stay a little bit longer to finish a project or task. As soon as you show your willingness to be a “team player” they know they can continue to push the limits.  Before long, you are missing dinners at home and breaking family commitments in order to keep your employer happy and once it starts, it is very hard to go back. Set your boundaries at the beginning and stick with them.

The Rigid Rules

For some people, a strict schedule is preferable but the vast majority of us need some flexibility.  Some jobs will allow you to work from home if you have a sick kid or shifts with someone else.  If this is important to you, you may need to evaluate working for an overly stringent manager. 

The Demanding Boss

Have you ever had a boss who never seemed satisfied with anything you do?  Some bosses may expect a level of perfection or commitment that is unrealistic, which will only make you feel stressed and worthless. Those types of feelings grow into resentment over time, leading you to dread going in to work and will likely dominate the conversations you have when you get home every night. You may need to talk to your boss about expectations, or consider a new position.

The Wrong Role

As mentioned, many times we take jobs simply because they were the ones offered to us. While this might help your wallet, it also may lead to unhappiness if it is not the role you expected to have. Staying in position that is wrong for you can lead to lack of confidence which, unfortunately, can affect your performance.  If you discover that you really aren’t cut out for the job, it’s better to try to make changes sooner than later.

Work usually doesn’t typically rank at the top of the list of things people would like to do with their day – but it is important to find that balance where you can either enjoy your job or, at the very least, feel neutral about it.  It’s scary to make changes but searching for a new workplace just might lead to improvements in other areas of your life.

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