How to Get the Kids Excited for Back to School

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July 31, 2019

Are you wondering how to get the kids excited for back to school? It may seem like the summer has just begun, but many kids are already prepping for back to school! While my kids looked forward to starting school again when they were younger, that changed as they got older. If you’re struggling to get your kids interested in a new school year, keep reading for a few simple tips that might work for you.

If your child is younger, they will probably feel more excited for the new school year if they know that one or two of their friends will be in their class. Connect with some of the parents of your child’s friends and see what classroom they are in. If your child won’t be in the same class as a friend, consider arranging for a few playdates during the summer or after school for the first month or so until your child makes new friends.

Let them choose their own school supplies and school clothes. My kids loved being able to pick their favorite binders and brands for back to school. And, it was even more fun if they were allowed to choose a few extras or favorite designs. While there have to be some guidelines when possible let your child choose the color, style, design, and pattern.

Create a special spot for them to do their homework. It could be as simple as a new desk in their room or special area in the living room or family room that is just for them. If age-appropriate, let them use a laptop of their own do to their homework. And, consider letting them hang a bulletin board to organize their homework and assignments.

Consider a special activity for the first day back to school. Some kids enjoy making the first day of school signs. Or, you could let them create a scrapbook page for their first day back if they’re old enough. Perhaps they create a special t-shirt for all their new friends to sign. Talk to them and see what type of activity they might enjoy commemorating the first day back. Remember, that it should be fun for them even if it isn’t fun for you.

I hope a few of these simple tips will help make the new school year more fun for the kids.

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