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How a Gig Economy Job can Work for Stay at Home Moms

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December 28, 2020

So the kids are home. Or they are not. Then they are back home. The bills still come each month and it’s so hard to find a part-time job, particularly for stay at home moms. Christmas brings more bills and the house may need some repairs soon.

Does this sound like you? I’m sure it sounds like many of us. We all need extra income but not everyone has the ability to work specific hours or days. Even if you work full time now, you may still be looking for some extra cash. Have you thought about a gig economy job to fill in that need?

Just what is a gig economy job?

Gig economy jobs are basically freelance “jobs” that are either by the job or by a short term contract. There’s no boss, no set hours, and a lot of flexibility. According to a 2019 survey, over 57 million Americans freelance (and that number may be up right now during the pandemic!)

Benefits are numerous. The average rate, according to Upwork, is $28 an hour. An interesting article on Upwork shows that though many people started freelancing as a temporary means to earn money, some choose it as a long term career. Freelancing can range from skilled to unskilled workers and there’s something for everyone.

Need some ideas of a gig economy/freelance job that you might be able to work in your free time? Consider these:

Like driving? With so many of us ordering delivery from restaurants, the need for drivers is unprecedented. There’s Doordash, Uber Eats, and Grub Hub as the main three. All you need is a phone, a car, insurance, and a driver’s license. You can apply and generally start within a week. The nice thing is you can turn it on and off as needed. Have a partner who works days while you are home but is home at night to be with the kids? You can work the dinner rush driving and be home to put the kids to bed. Or maybe you just want to drive on Saturdays or while the kids are in school or an hour each day after your work shift? These are all available options with this flexible way to earn.

Grocery shopping services like Instacart are also popular ways to use your free hours. Shop and deliver orders for people. If you like to shop, this is a great opportunity. Postmates and Shipt are two other shopping services available in many areas.

Gig economy/freelance jobs can be from your computer too. Writers, graphic designers and virtual assistants can all be viable options for extra income.

Have an extra apartment, car, boat or RV? People are turning these into Airbnb rentals or renting our their vehicles for extra cash. Of course, this may take some doing to get up and running but it is a freelance viable option for those who have places or vehicles they aren’t using.

Have you heard of tasking? Someone will hire for your skills. They can range from mowing a lawn to putting furniture together, cleaning, gardening, or repairing something to writing a resume or helping research and create a family tree or book. Hired per task, these are short term one time tasks. Check Taskrabbit or Taskeasy for more info.

Pet sitting or dog walking is a freelance idea that many moms would be able to fit into their day. There’s always a need for these services.

Like to sell products? Companies often look for brand ambassadors, if you have a large enough following. While many only pay by sending you their products (not money) it’s a nice way to get freebies.

If you want to sell products right from your home, there are dozens of options to earn cash. You can sell your own gently used items or head out to thrift shops or sale racks and re-sell those items at a profit. If you love clothing, selling on Poshmark can be lucrative. Many other sites/apps are great for selling products for cash. Look into OfferUp, ThreadUp, Mercari, and more.

Another way to earn online is to become an affiliate for a company. Look directly at a companies site and see if they offer an affiliate program to apply. Try indeed or flexjobs for others. If you are a social media influencer, this can be perfect as a way to earn extra cash all online.

Interested in trying one? Jump in! So many of these gig jobs can be worked while kids are in school, or from home early mornings and late nights. Some, like driving for Doordash, get you out of the house if you are cooped up. Others let you work on your computer or phone. There’s something for everyone!

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