Haunted Houses: Videos To Make You Laugh … Because It’s Not You

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October 27, 2015

‘Tis the season of sugar highs, haunted houses, and laughing when someone scares the snot out of your friends. I steer clear of anything during this time that could possibly lead to heart attack or piercing someone’s eardrums with my terrified shriek. That being said, I can certainly find the humor in seeing it happen to others!

A friend of mine showed me this hysterical Ellen video last week, in which she sends her writer, Amy, and producer, Andy, into a Walking Dead haunted house. I can’t decide which is my favorite part. It might be Andy continuously hiding behind Amy when he’s surprised by the actors, even pulling her across the hall. At one point he tells her that he is “protecting her” with these panicked moves. Then again, my stomach hurt so bad from laughing at him screaming at the zombies, “Stop it! Stop it now!” For the sake of honesty, I should tell you, I would probably be comatose at that point, so props to Andy for making it through! (If you enjoyed this one, you’ll probably get a kick out of Andy taking his assistant through another haunted house. You can see it here.)

I admit it. I’m a hypocrite. I tell my daughter she can be just as strong as a man. I tell my son that if you’re sad, cry … if you’re scared, scream. There is no “man code” to protect. But guys who “scream like a girl” still crack me up. I know it flies in the face of everything I believe but this video of a girl freaking out some guys makes my day!

This last video shows pictures snapped inside a haunted house. According to the description, these people are cringing from a speeding car that comes at them through complete dark with a loud horn and stops at the last minute. The best pictures show people trying to run while their friends or family pulls them back by their shirts! A few viewers even managed to get a leg around their buddies. Fear inspires not only vocal volume but renewed flexibility!

On this last week of October, I wish you a Halloween filled with more laughter than scares, costume make-up that stays out of your eyes, and your children’s bags packed with Reese’s rather than Jolly Ranchers when they go to bed!

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