Halloween Safety Tips!

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October 27, 2011

Halloween night is only a couple days away. This means our children are getting excited and anxious to put on their new costumes and fill up those candy buckets. But, before setting out on your Trick-or-Treat journey, make sure you follow a few simple steps to help ensure the safety of our most important sweets … our kids! Here are my favorite Trick-or-Treat Tips:

1. Always travel in a group. I prefer to walk with friends, and we ideally have one adult for every two children at a minimum.

2. Use flashlights or glow-in-the-dark sticks or necklaces. Some streets do not have street lights, so being seen on Halloween is very important to avoid cars and bicycles.

3. Never let your children go to anyone’s front door alone. Use the buddy system.

4. Children should not go inside someone’s home to get Halloween treats. You should be able to see them at all times.

5. Have a code word. If a child gets separated from your group a code word will be much easier to hear. In a crowd there is usually more than one child calling for “mommy or daddy”. This year my kids will be wearing whistle necklaces for this reason.

6. Always inspect the Halloween goodies your children bring home. Even the items that are not edible. Throw away open candy packages or ones with holes.

7. Do not accept any homemade Halloween treats from someone that you do not personally know. In some instances I would not accept them at all.

8. If you are Trick-or Treating with very young children, consider taking them to a local mall or businesses instead of walking outdoors at night. Many places have events in the afternoon or during the weekend before.

9. Consider giving your children a time limit. I have noticed from previous years that the later it gets, the less “family friendly” it becomes. As a rule of thumb, we give our children 5-10 minutes of Trick-or-Treating for every year they are old.

10. Be aware of your surroundings. Just because there are pedestrians everywhere does not mean that every driver is doing their job to drive at or under the speed limit and look where they are going. Stay on sidewalks and cross the street as little as possible.

With these tips and tricks your children will stay safe this Halloween.

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