Halloween 2014: Top 5 Apps for a Fun, Safe Holiday

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October 17, 2014

Technology has some definite disadvantages. We stare at the screens of our smartphones too often and for too long and, sometimes, miss out on what’s happening in the world around us. Occasionally, however, we are able to put this obsession to good use and Halloween is a perfect example. The spooky holiday can be a lot of fun but it also comes along with some potential risks. To help minimize that, there are some great apps that you can use to help make the day safe and fun.

Keep Track of Kids

If your children are planning to go trick-or-treating, it’s not a bad idea of use an app such as the Family Locator (Android, iPhone) to keep track of them. This is great if you are letting them go out with other friends or even if you are with them since, on such a busy night, it’s entirely possible that you could get separated.

Maintain a Well-Lit Path

Even if you start your candy hunt before dinnertime, it’s amazing how quickly it gets dark this time of year. You can equip your family with some traditional flashlights or you can use the Halloween Flashlight app that features an adorably scary black cat as the screensaver.

Have Current Identification

Believe it or not, the FBI offers a free app that will keep current photos and vital information about your children at your fingertips. Hopefully, no one will ever need to make use of these features but they include a special tab that sends the information to authorities in the case of an emergency and also provides tips on what to do in the first crucial hours after a child has gone missing.

Pocket First-Aid and CPR

Even if you took a First-Aid/CPR course, there’s a good chance that you could forget some steps in a highly stressful situation. As children walk through the streets on Halloween, many things can occur, including being hit by a car or choking on a lollipop. Fortunately, the American Heart Association has published the Pocket First Aid & CPR app. The instructional videos and illustrations can be a real lifesaver.

Indoor Activities

Skipping the door-to-door activities this year? No problem. There are a number of apps that let your kids enjoy Halloween. They can carve a virtual pumpkin (Android, iPhone), enjoy themed levels of Bubble Blast (Android, iPhone) or test their spelling and vocabulary with a round of Spooky Hangman (Android, iPhone).

Whatever you do, enjoy this time with your kids. They will grow up before you know it!

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